I’m working on Beauty Stash entries featuring the stuff I bought during our travels in Korea and Japan but I received a message from a blog reader named Lyn who asked me to share my skin care routine and the make-up I use. So before sharing my stash from Korea and Japan, I’m going to share the current products I use.

Before I give a rundown of the products I use, I feel it’s vital I share my skin care habits as it has an influence in my product choices. So here goes…

I’m low maintenance and not brand conscious. I look for products that are reasonably-priced, doesn’t make my face oily and break out. I like trying out a new product once in a while but if it makes my skin condition worse, I throw it away. I don’t like very expensive products simply because it is something that needs to be maintained. I have this belief that one can always find a reasonably-priced product for any kind of skin. My skin care choices varies from supermarket brands to organic products. I often buy cosmetics during travel because it’s cheaper to buy in a brand’s country origin. As for skin profile, I have oily skin especially on the T-zone areas. However, my skin gets dry during Winter. I have acne scars and once in a while still get a pimple or two. My  face is on the fair shade of brown and I have medium-sized pores.

Below are the current products I use. As in on a daily basis, this is what I use.

Cleansing. I cleanse in the morning  with Perfect Whip Foam. When I arrive home in the afternoon, I start off with massaging Perfect Watery Oil on my face and then rinsing it off with Perfect Whip Foam. These two products are made by Shiseido which I picked up when I was in Tokyo in February. I think they’re the cheapest product line of Shiseido with the foam not more than AUD$5.00 and the cleansing oil not more than AUD$10.00. I found a few Asian beauty shops who sell them here but as usual, it’s about three times the price in Japan. The watery oil feels lights and easily cleans make-up. The cleansing foam makes my skin pores feel clean and tightened. I use a Clarisonic Mia once or twice a week as as way to exfoliate my facial skin. I use a dry brush for my body before I get into the shower.

Daily Skin Care & Cosmetics