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Drinking tea makes me happy. It relaxes me, calm me, rejuvenates me. It makes think of happy memories and future plans that make my heart flutter with excitement. It reminds me of people I love, of moments when we’ve exchanged a pleasant chit chat of things we care about, of our struggles and milestones.

I started my love affair with Korean beauty products in 2011. It all started with a curiosity for BB Cream. One night, I checked out online articles on BB Creams and a few days after, I finally decided to purchase my first BB Cream. safest place to buy propecia online.

In 2013, I went back to Seoul and bought several Korean beauty products I wanted to try. Seoul is beauty haven! It’s considered one of the best places in Asia for cosmetic shopping. In an article I’ve read, Korean women start taking good care of their skin as early as 9-years old while another article shared their is it safe to buy generic propecia online.  In shopping areas, they have streets all lined up with cosmetic shops, it was like candyland for women. The best part was getting a lot of freebies whenever you make a purchase. After our last visit in Seoul, my make-up kit has been taken over by mostly Korean brands.  Here are a few products I took home with me from my travels in Seoul and shopping in Sydney:

Skin Moisturisers. My first few choices for Korean moisturisers were Etude House’ Collagen Moistfull Sleeping Pack & Eye Cream and Nature Republic’s Acqua Cream. I bought all three products in Seoul and was able to use them during two Summer seasons. They’re gel-based moisturisers and perfect for warm season as the formulation is light._MG_5414

I finally have a Pandora bracelet!!!


The cutest gift the Hubby’s ever given me–a Japanese Doll charm! It came with a bracelet, . Each symbol’s meaningful to me so I’m grateful he chose these charms.

I have started where can i buy propecia in australia. Since then, it has been my dream to own a Pandora bracelet and to slowly and carefully collect charms. My goal is to have a bracelet that will hold my life’s charmed moments, milestones and cherished memories. And so I waited for the right time to have one. It finally did, when the Husband finally thought of getting me a bracelet for my birthday.

The bracelet came with a Flower Burst Clip & a Heart Charm Clip embedded with Cubiz Zirconia (which matches my Pandora ring, something I bought for myself last year). The best part was that it also came with a Japanese Doll which was very cute! All charms were meaningful me. The flower for my love of Spring, the heart to remind to me to always surround myself with the people I love and a Japanese Doll because our Japan travel last year was life-changing.

I’m not in hurry to fill up my bracelet with charms but it’s exciting to think of possible charms that I can add to it.

I’ve experienced the sweetest birthday month this year and it’s all because the Husband made sure that every week of January, I get to enjoy a slice of cake. The cakes he got me were not fancy but just very thoughtful because he made sure they were cakes I enjoy eating.

On a different perspective, I see the sweetness of each cake pertain to the sweetness of my life then, now and in future. I feel very blessed to come to my 38th year with  lots of love, happiness and peace in my heart. I’m so grateful…so so grateful of the life I live, the special people close to me and the moments I spend with them. The past two years, I have gone thru a downsizing of sorts. It’s a process of knowing myself more and letting go of certain parts of my life. It was painful and took a lot of humility and acceptance, but liberating in the end. To be free of things that make me an unproductive and superficial person was the best gift of that painful journey. I pray that God will continue to guide me in this path I’ve chosen.

Anyway, back to my cakes. Every weekend the Husband got me a cake and I get to eat it on Saturday afternoons with coffee that he made.

Hokkaido Cheesecake (Mini) on the first weekend of January. It’s a cake that I frequently buy from Breadtop because it’s the perfect size for my Husband and I to share. I love its lightness and sweetness. Goes well with tea and coffee.