In the interest of finding new make-up last year, I came across vegan make-up. Vegan make-up means it was not tested on animals and does not have any ingredients derived from animals such as honey, goat’s milk, etc. It’s an interesting discovery because it’s nice to know that there are companies who care to create vegan cosmetics to help the environment. It’s also a great option for those are are advocates of vegan.

Beauty Stash from Lipstick Republic

The Universe gave us a beautiful Sunset on the last day of Summer.


And just like that, we are now transitioning to Autumn. *sigh*

What is really that quick? Temperature wise, we will still have warm days until end of March. But mornings and evenings have been cool-ish since last week. The days are getting shorter. We wake up at 6am and it’s still dark. There is a need to bring a cardigan or a light jacket now because we might need it for when there’s a change in weather. This morning, I woke up and it was dark and cool (at 15C degrees) and I thought, “We’re doing this again???”. “This” pertaining to getting ready for work when instead I would like to stay under a warm blanket and sleep some more. Not complaining. Just thinking that it’s all too soon.

On the other hand, I felt an excitement for the cold to come. It was in the past Summer when I realised that it is not my favourite season anymore and there were days when I felt that the heat was too tiring as it drains one’s energy. Funny thing was, we actually had a pretty good Summer. We didn’t have days of endless heatwaves, instead just a day of very hot weather here and there. We even had rain on some days. So I think the Universe was very considerate of us this time. I do hope that the next Summer will be as good.

Moving on, I see a very heartwarming Autumn as it will be filled with a lot time spending with family and friends. The Hubby and I are looking forward to an exciting and fun-filled season.

Have a lovely Autumn! Let’s all stay healthy as we transition to cold weather.

It was good timing that while we were in Kyoto last year, one of my good friends from college (Hello, Contre!) recommended that we buy some Yatsuhashi Cookies, a cinnamon-flavoured cookie which is famous in Kyoto, Japan.  I’m very fond of cookies so naturally, we bought a box to take home to Sydney. The Yatsuhashi was sweet and the cinnamon smelled so good. It was a great partner for tea and coffee.

A few weeks back, I stopped by MD Ranking, a Japanese shop in the city and was lucky to find that they have a few boxes of Yatsuhashi cookies in store. I found a box with Yatsuhashi cookies covered in green tea, chocolate and strawberry coating.