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I love scents.  If I’m not practical, I’d probably have a collection at home but I moderate in buying them because I don’t want scents to expire.  I only keep about a few bottles of perfume that I will use for a year and a half.  I’ve observed that perfume/cologne smell different and their colours change between a year and a half to two years after opening a bottle. 

I’m currently alternating five bottles of perfume at the moment.  Five being the manageable number for me as some days I get out the door forgetting to spray some on.  Other than perfumes or EDTs, I still wear cologne on some days.  

How I Choose My Scents
My favourite scents are on the sweet side as I discovered during my teenage years that sweet scents work well with my skin chemistry.  I sometimes choose scents with a hint of floral or fruity notes but a sweet note is always a requirement for me. 

Whenever on the lookout for new fragrance, I drop by the shops, smell a bottle or two then choose one to spray on my wrist. From then, I’d take note how it smells on me, how long the scent lingers on my skin, how strong it is, whether people can smell me from afar. I don’t like it when people can smell me far afar. I’d like to be seen first than smelled first. I appreciate a heavy scent but one that gives out a charming, dainty vibe.

Currently On My Vanity Kit
The scent that tops my list is the Jean Paul Gaultier Classique. This bears a strong, heavy scent which combines fruity and floral scents of orange, peach plum and ylang ylang to name a few. Even if heavy, I sense a powdery scent which makes it feminine. Just two sprays and it will last me from morning ’til night. If I am asked what my signature scent is, this always comes to mind.

Beauty Stash: Scents I Wear

My next favourite is the Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. For me this is the right balance of a  heavy and sweet scent which also works well with my skin chemistry.

Beauty Stash: Scents I Wear

The Nina by Nina Ricci is what I’d call a delicious scent. It’s a combination of citrus, floral and fruity scents of lemon, bergamot, mandarin and moonflower plus the sweetness of red toffee apple.

Beauty Stash: Scents I Wear

FCUK was something I discovered when the Husband gave me this a few years back.  It changed the way I feel about floral scents (I used to stay away from it) as I learned that some floral scents can have a sweet note too.  This one has a good balance of both floral and sweet scent and again works well with my skin chemistry.

Beauty Stash: Scents I Wear

This is the most floral  and lightest scent I own at the moment.  Calvin Klein’s Eternity Moment is light and refreshing, perfect for daytime.

Beauty Stash: Scents I Wear

I’ve come to realize that the scents I love are of the things I also love like toffee, apple, powder, orange, peach and mostly are food! At least it seems that even in perfumes, my choices are consistent (hahaha).

What are your favourite scents?

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Don’t you just love waking up to great coffee?


Thank God for friends who are generous enough to send care packages to me.  When my friends in Manila found out that my Mum’s coming to Sydney, some of them thoughtfully sent me some stuff I love.  Thanks Hazel for sending one of my favourite coffees from the Philippines.  


I love how the aroma of Barako Gold filled the air in our home the moment I took it out of the box, it was just wonderful.  Every cup I’m savouring gives me a clean, rich and flavourful taste.  


When I drink Figaro, I’m reminded of one of the best times of my life.

It reminds me of one of my dearest bestfriends, Teng.    We both share a passion for drinking coffee since we were young.  When we graduated from college and went our separate ways to follow our respective career paths, we thought we would see less of each other.  But coffee brought us together almost every week (sometimes even twice a week).  I worked in Makati and she worked in Mandaluyong so our meeting place was always in Ortigas area.  We had the best times of our lives meeting up after work usually for coffee at Figaro in Shangri-la Mall.  When we’ve had a bad day, we’d have a drink or two at a bar.  But always, it was at a Figaro where we’d meet and start our rendezvous and misadventures.  We loved Figaro not only for its coffee but because they offered delicious pastries and fairly decent dishes like pasta and sandwiches.  Other than have coffee, that’s where we have dinner too.  

I miss those times and I miss Teng more.  I’m hoping one day we get to have our much-awaited coffee klatch  and make new memories again over a cup of our good ‘ol Figaro.

I’m a Vanilla person–from ice cream, dessert, food and even perfume–I love the scent and taste of Vanilla.  I’ve lusted for Adriano Zumbo‘s V8 Cake since it got featured in Masterchef and wished to the heavens that one day I will get to eat it.  However, the whole V8 cake’s price is too steep for me (AUD$125.00!) so I can’t, for the love of my stinginess, spend all that money just for a cake. 

Thankfully, Zumbo made small V8 cakes and had it available in his patisserie.  A visit to Zumbo’s branch at The Star led me to buying a AUD$10 V8 cake and bringing it home to share with the Husband. 

The V8 Cake by Adriano Zumbo

It is called V8 Cake because it consists of 8 layers of Vanilla.  EIGHT LAYERS OF VANILLA!!!!

Vanilla crème chantilly
Toasted vanilla brulee
Vanilla water gel
Vanilla ganache
Vanilla macaron
Vanilla dacquoise
Vanilla chiffon cake
Vanilla almond crunch
The V8 Cake by Adriano Zumbo

Sounds good, aye?  I cut it open to see the inside of the cake and it reminded me of the Philippines’ Sans Rival cake. 

The V8 Cake by Adriano Zumbo

After the inspecting the innards, the Husband and I devoured the small but indulgent cake.  I was in Vanilla heaven, baby! Such a beautifully created dessert. A myriad of textures inside your mouth but a harmony of all things vanilla.

It’s very sweet that I felt intoxicated.  I’m glad we were only finishing a small cake.  As much as I love vanilla-flavoured desserts, my taste buds have a limit as to how much sweetness it can take.  The small cake left me satiated and not overwhelmed.

I hope they continue to make small V8 cakes so I can always get them from their patisserie should I crave for it again.

V8 Cakes are available at Adriano Zumbo Patisserie

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It’s Autumn in Sydney!  It’s getting cooler as the days go by so last weekend, I allotted some time and brought out some of our Autumn outfits and scarves.

Things I Love: The Scarf Hanger

Over the years, we’ve accumulated scarves and now it’s hard to ignore the fact that we needed to store them properly.  It was good timing that we visited Howards Storage World three weeks and found a SCARF HANGER.  

Things I Love: The Scarf Hanger

It can hold up to 10 scarves and I swear, it did save space inside our closet.  And it’s easier to find the scarf that we’d like to use for the day.

Things I Love: The Scarf Hanger

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…the anime version, that is, and not the film.

After the watching the film “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and feeling the anxiety to know what happened during the characters’ journey to saving the world, we decided to get a copy of the anime version.  We initially started Book 2 and realized that the film left out a lot of pieces in the story that made sense.  So we got Book 1 and started all over again.  And I swear, it was amazingly addicting.  The anime version is so much better than the film (which really sucked pala).  In just two weeks, we finished Books 1-3 and we’re watching it all over again.  Yes, it’s THAT good. 

In the anime version of “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, you will get to know each of the character better:

Aang – the only Airbender and Avatar tasked to save the world.
Katara – the only Waterbender from the Southern Water Tribe who believed that the Avatar can put the war to an end.  
Sokka – he doesn’t have bending abilities but he turned out to be a great warrior and leader of Team Avatar.
Toph – a blind Earthbender who became Aang’s earthbending teacher.
Zuko – banished prince of the Fire Nation.  He started out as someone who wanted to capture the Avatar but in the end his destiny was to be Aang’s firebending teacher.

If you liked the film version, I highly recommend that you watch the anime version and I’m sure you will love it!

A spin-off from this series is coming out this year, “The Last Airbender: The Legend of Korra“, and we can’t wait to see it.

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