Things I Love

Everytime I chance upon a new brand of coconut water in the supermarket, I check right away on where it’s made of or where the coconut was outsourced. It always makes me happy when I read if a brand’s coconut is from the Philippines because I know it would taste great. 

I found a brand of coconut water I love not too long ago but they are only available in selected grocery stores (which are not easily accessible to me) so I can’t drink them all the time. During last weekend’s grocery shopping, I found a new brand of coconut water on the shelf and was ecstatic when I saw that it’s made with coconut from the Philippines. 

Kokomo Coconut Water comes from the sun soaked palms of the Philippines.

 Coconut Water is the liquid naturally present in the centre of a young coconut, 6-9 months old. It is clear and fat free, unlike the milk from older coconuts.

We pack it in cartons that mimic nature’s clever packaging, the coconut shell, limiting light and heat exposure to ensure the healthy, hydrating natural goodness is kept fresh. 

Things I Love: Kokomo Coconut Water
is 100% natural
is full of natural electrolytes
has more potassium than a banana
is an organic source of energy and packed with nutrients
is healthy with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
has no artificial sweetners, caffeine or concentrates

Things I Love: Kokomo Coconut Water
I found Kokomo at Woolworths. It’s refreshing and tastes like a fresh and not-so-sweet young coconut. 

Source of Kokomo facts were from the Kokomo website.

Instagram is such a big part of my life in social media. When the Husband and I started our Instagram accounts in 2010, we used it as an outlet of our love for photography. But as time goes by, Instagram became more of an extension of my social media life. I now use Instagram to share what goes on in my day, moments that make me happy, foodie adventures and shopping finds. I use it as a way to reach out and send out information to social media friends too. 

I currently have tons of photos now in Instagram and have mentioned to the Husband that I hope to find a way to compile it and make an album out of it.  The Husband made a few searches online and found out about Printstagram, a company that prints Instragram photos and turn it into different cute products such as mini books, stickers, memory box, calendar and posters. 

Getting your instagram photos printed is so easy. Just go to their website and just choose a product that you’d like to avail and click “more info”. It will then lead you to the details of your chosen product. Click “buy now” and it will ask you to log in your Instragram details. Once logged on, you will need to choose your chosen product again and your Instagram photos will show up. Then you can choose the photos you’d like printed. Once finished, check-out and pay via credit card. They deliver worldwide via UPS and DHL. For more information, click here.

We ordered our first minibook last Tuesday night (16 October) and we received the package today (22 October). Less than a week!  I chose the minibook because I like the binding. An order of the minibook product comes with two minibooks containing 50 photos for only US$12.00.
Mini Book by Printstagram
The Husband and I are so happy to receive it. Our first Instagram mini book has a theme. We chose photos that showcases what we love about our life here in Sydney. 
Mini Book by Printstagram
What liked about the minibook most was its vivid printing, good quality paper and glossy-photo finish. 
Mini Book by Printstagram
It’s sooooo cute too! It’s only this small….
Mini Book by Printstagram
I can’t wait to get our Instragram photos printed again and try their other products.

Got instagram? Check out my photos via @ibyang. See you there!
The popularity of Salted Caramel these days has renewed my love for Caramel. 

When McDonald’s came up with a range of sundaes years ago, my favourite from the lot is the Caramel Sundae. Once the Husband made a mistake and ordered a Hot Fudge Sundae for me.  I made a little fuss and kept asking, “How can you not know my favourite when I’ve always ordered Caramel Sundae?” I’m laughing my heart out now as I remember how I can be petty at times just because of food. 

Another caramel treat I indulge in is the Yema candy. It’s something we used to eat in the Philippines when we were kids but even as adults we can never seem to get enough of it. I sometimes get to eat Yema when I chance upon them in Filipino stores in our area.

It’s not all the time that I get to eat anything with caramel. Nowadays, I mostly get my caramel fix from stores that sell Salted Caramel ice cream, gelato or macarons. For macarons, I always go to Via Del Corso for a piece or two. I found a gelato store at The Star named Messina which makes really good gelatos, including their Salted Caramel flavour. Since having their Salted Caramel gelato, I’ve always wished there’d be a tub of salted caramel ice cream in supermarkets so we can easily have them at home.

Finally, Connoisseur came out with different flavours recently, one of which is the Murray River Salted Caramel.
Things I Love: Connoisseur's Murray River Salted Carmel

The culinary genius behind Murray River Salted Caramel is pastry chef Darren Purchese of Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio (I hope to visit their shop in Melbourne soon). The ice cream is made of salt from the Murray River, one of Australia’s famous rivers, delicious creamy caramel and lots of chocolate-coated hazelnuts. 

Things I Love: Connoisseur's Murray River Salted Carmel

This ice cream comes in 470ml tubs and I found them at Coles. I bought a tub on Saturday and went back to buy two more tubs on Sunday because it was just so good.

Things I Love: Connoisseur's Murray River Salted Carmel

I think this will now become a staple inside our fridge. 🙂
I finally found a brand of Coconut Water that I love–C Coconut Water.

With so many manufacturers of coconut water/coconut juice in the market, it took me awhile to find the one I like. I found this at IKEA‘s food court, bought it during check-out and brought it home. Didn’t think much of it and wasn’t even excited to try it. Only on Monday when I had lunch that I decided to drink it. 

Unlike other brands, C Coconut Water tastes like it’s from the shell, natural and fresh. There’s a faint of sweetness coming from coconut juice which I really love.  The best part is finding that it’s made in the Philippines

If you want to buy C Coconut Water, check out their website to buy online and for the list of Stockists.