The Married Life

Anong ligaya ang nadarama,
Pag ika’y kasama na puso ko’y walang pangamba.

Pangako ko pag ibig ko’y iyong iyo,
Saan man makarating ikaw lang ang mamahalin,

Habambuhay, ikaw at ako ang magkasama
Sa hirap at ginhawa.
Habambuhay, sumpa ko’y ikaw lang at walang iba
Pangako ko ito habambuhay.

Mawalay man sa piling ko hindi mag aalala,
Pagka’t pangako mo, Tayo habambuhay…

Habambuhay .. Pangako ko sa’yo..
Habambuhay .. Sa Hirap at ginhawa..
Habambuhay .. Sumpa ko’y ikaw lang..
Habambuhay .. Pangako ko ito..

Habambuhay… Pangako ko …
Habambuhay… Pangako ikaw lamang ..

Habambuhay by Yeng Constantino

Photo: A Kiss by the Jumeirah Beach by Chris Sanchez

Today was a special day.

For the first time in our married life, we were (finally) able to celebrate our wedding monthsary together. No more email, phone call or greeting card…just an all-day-every-chance-we-get way of greeting each other “Happy 15th monthsary!!!” in big big smiles.

Ang sarap sarap sarap ng feeling! Sobrang na-miss namin na mag-celebrate ng monthsaries together. Since Wednesday, we’ve been reminding ourselves “Uy, monthsary na natin sa Sunday” with matching smile and twinkling eyes (sorry cheesy hehehe) pa yan. We were really looking forward to today’s little celebration.

Kaya kaninang umaga, lumarga si Inday at si Dodong hahaha — nataon na Sunday today kaya nagbiruan kami kanina na “day-off” kami :). Joke lang naman yun. Pero parang totoo yung joke kasi Friday night and the whole day of Saturday, most of our time was spent doing household chores like cleaning, groceries, laundering, cooking–we even only went out yesterday afternoon just to attend mass.

We didn’t really do anything special today compared to our previous monthsary celebrations. We actually did the usual stuff we used to do before. I think a part of us just wanted to reminisce of the good “old” days hehehe.

All we did all day was eat, photograph each other while we eat and walk around the mall. Yes, those are the things we usually do when we go out.

We had breakfast at McDo coz we didn’t have time to prepare and eat at home.

Walked around Westfield Parramatta coz it was Chris’ first time to go there.

Then we had lunch at Oscars Cafe where we had pizza and squid salad. The food took awhile to arrive and as always, we photographed each other to pass the time.

When the food arrived, we totally forgot to take a photo of our food 🙁 –i guess we were hungry after all.

After lunch we went straight to Max Brenner to have dessert where we shared a Belgian Waffle covered in chocolate. Chris had Mocha Chocolate in a HugMug and I had Peppermint Tea. Aliw ang mga glasses na ginagamit nila sa Max Brenner! 🙂

I was so full from all the food we ate all day. But more than anything, my heart was overflowing with happiness today knowing I’m soooo

by my husband who cares enough to celebrate our monthsaries even if we’re already married.

We’re home!!!!

We arrived in Sydney on the 9th of April, 7:55pm, after more than a 7-hour flight plus a 1-hour delay in Singapore. I was relieved to be back in Sydney knowing I was able to finally bring my husband home to so many people waiting for him safe and sound. Feeling ko talaga it was my ultimate mission–to bring him to Sydney kasi nga EVERYONE (especially my kapamilyas) was looking forward to seeing and meeting him. Example:

Me: Patrick, are you gonna miss me when I go to Dubai?
Patrick: Not much, coz you’re just picking up Kuya Chris. I’m not gonna miss you too much because you’re bringing him with you when you come back.

Oh diba pressure? Patrick is my 6-year old cuzin and for him I have to be back with his Kuya Chris no matter what. Kaya naman from the time we left the hotel in Singapore until we’re in the Immigration area of Sydney Airport, walang tigil ako sa katitingin sa passport ni Chris to make sure na tama ang nakasulat dun. When the Immigration Officer finally stamped Chris’ passport with the word ARRIVED, ay naku heaven talaga. Relieved na relieved talaga ako.

Upon arrival here, I actually planned a four-day itinerary for him, to give him some kind of a city tour of Sydney. However, I got sick on the way to Singapore (due to the change of weather conditions and very hectic schedule) with a very terrible cough. On Thursday morning, my cough worsened so we had to stay home. And anyway, we badly needed to rest even for just one day.

Friday (11 April), my cough was still bad but I was able to get up, so I took Chris to the shops in Blacktown to apply for Medicare Card (for free medical assistance from the government) and open a bank account. We also shopped for some winter clothes for him. And to make his first day out in Blacktown a bit memorable, I took him to lunch at a Chinese Resto for Yum Cha!!!

Chris’ first time to experience Yum Cha!

Our last stop was at the doctor. Even if I didn’t want to go, Chris insisted that my cough doesn’t sound really good so I gave in. Even if the wait was about 2 hours, grateful na rin ako na nagpatingin ako. According to the doctor, malapit na raw akong magka-bronchitis. So now, I’m on antibiotics. Still coughing and having throat pains but getting better by the day.

Saturday (12 April) was devoted to preparing for Chris’ Welcome Party which was happening the next day. My Tita Bess and I were the organizers of this party with the help of my Grandma, Tito Andy, Rachel and Chris. So kahit nanghihina ako dahil sa antibiotics, wala na akong keber, galaw lang at prepare to the max. From morning til early afternoon we were at the shops again, buying all the stuff we will need from plates, cutleries, food, etc.

For lunch, we joined the Balilos at Ramen San

With Patrick (namumutla pa ako dito)

Til after dinner on Saturday, we were busy preparing for the following day’s celebration.

Sunday (13 April) – Chris’ Welcome Party

Chris’ Welcome Banner

Early morning preps. Lunch Party was to start at 1:00pm but the kitchen was buzzing at 6:00am already.

At 12:30pm, everything was ready. I was doing finishing touches. We served Palabok, Pork BarBQ, Chicken and Beef Meatball, Grilled Sausages, Chicken Pistacchio, Almondigas, Stir-Fried Veggies, Grilled Chicken, Garden Salad.

Three of my Aunties helped with the food and some of my friends brought food as well.

For dessert, I bought Vanilla Sponged Cake (that said Welcome Chris) and made a fruit platter. My cuzin Ayie made Leche Plan, my friends Teena and Louie brought Carrot Cake and Brownies; Ara and Tom brought Strawberry Cheesecake.

The Happy Mr. and Mrs.

Very tiring day but very very happy to be surrounded by family and friends wishing Chris a very warm welcome. The party ended at 7:00pm. I’m grateful for having wonderful kapamilyas expecially our Tita Bess and her family and my Grandma for doing so much in order to give Chris a happy welcome.

Monday (14 April–today). Since I’m feeling a bit better compared to when I arrived here, we finally conquered the city of Sydney!

As shown on the first two photos above, Chris has seen the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. We had lunch at City Extra so he can have Fish ‘N Chips for lunch.

We took a walk towards George Street and hang out at Pitt Street

and Hyde Park.

Tomorrow, we will stay home and unpack and pack some of our things–our room is very very very crowded with so much stuff right now! *sigh*. It’s so hard to move around our bedroom. For the next couple of days, we will take it one step at a time. Medyo windang pa kami sa dami ng nangyari for the past two weeks. Since we’re already home, we’ll slow down a bit. Not to mention that I will be returning to work on Wednesday.

Some might be waiting for our Dubai and Singapore photos…it will be coming soon, I promised.