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The Married Life

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The Husband turned 35 two weeks ago and I made sure he’s had a fun September. He’s not fond of making a fuss about his birthday but I made a bit of effort in making his month festive by doing little things here and there. I like seeing his face lit up whenever I surprise him with the things he love and enjoy.

I just had an amazing long weekend with three of my closest friends at a healthy resort up north. This getaway took awhile to happen. For years, we’ve always dreamed of having some time off together, just us girls. 

When we finally decided to do it, the planning was easy, flights and accommodation were booked in just two days and we were all set. 

For three days, we found refuge in a healthy spa in Byron Bay where we ate healthy food and enjoyed activities that stretched our muscles and soothe our bodies. The big bonus was being with friends whom I never tire of talking and listening to; women who inspire me with their wit and warmth.

A special thank you goes out to our families for letting us do this. For taking care of the home while we are away. It’s never easy going away especially on weekends but our family supported us. 

I’m filled with so much love, gratitude and strength from the healthy journey I had with dear friends. The weekend reminded me to take care of myself more and to always surround myself with positivity. It was an experience of finding my core once again. I’m very grateful. 

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While my instagram photos are shared on my twitter page and sometimes on my tumblr and fb page, I would like to have a monthly dump of buy propecia in bulk on AWCL too. It is thru instagram that I share everyday moments and random finds. I use instagram as my real time mini-blog. Every end of the month, I’ll be choosing a couple of photos from my instagram and share it here because I have something more to say about a certain buy propecia by merck.

Past Winter seasons were usually spent hibernating at home. July, being coldness month in Sydney, is when we spend weekends holed up at home, catch up on sleep and do nothing. That premise changed this year as this was probably the busiest July we’ve ever had. We celebrated Christmas in July with friends, found ourselves having dinner in the city a couple of times (so nice to walk at night in Sydney even if its cold!), helped Hubby with a photoshoot assignment and played tourists along with a visitor from Japan.

Here are a few unforgettable photos of my July:

Sculptures on Six. An event hosted by Westfield Sydney where we found ice sculptures on the food court area of the mall. Here’s award-winning ice carving artist, Kenji Ogawa with is creation, the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Christmas in July lunch with friends. Had lunch at Criniti’s and caught up with our friends in celebration of June birthday celebrants and Christmas in July.

We finally got ourselves a proper set of photography lights. Currently getting used to setting it all up. Quite tedious but oh so worth it.

Soju to give a bit of warmth on a cold night. And these wasabi green peas that are sooo addicting.

The Husband surprised me with a Cronut from Brewtown Newtown! Grateful for the Husband’s thoughtfulness.

New Tim Tam flavours! The Red Velvet’s higlight was the cream cheese filling which gave the Tim Tam a salty taste. The Peanut Butter tasted like Butterfinger–which I realised I didn’t like.

Weekend Juice: Cherries, Blueberries and Coconut Juice. Rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C, and very hydrating. Perfect for Winter weather. The Snoopy & Lucy glasses were courtesy of my dear friend Hilda.

Birthday Noodles for my Mom’s birthday. Cooked Pancit Bihon in celebration of my Mom’s special day.

New Oliver Brown Cafe in Strathfield. Ordered a cup of Hot Chocolate with Crunchy Cereals coated in chocolate while waiting for the Husband.

Pandesal is Love. Pandesal and Nespresso coffee for our morning meal. 

Egg Pie, a beloved Filipino dessert, a favourite of mine and reminder of my childhood in Manila. Created by Starlight Bakery (Doonside).

Sushi fan from Japan! I love it!

Momoka-san in Sydney. Showed Momoka-san the sights of Sydney on the last weekend of July. She’s a foreign exchange student from Japan and she stayed at my relatives place. We hung out with them so we can also spend time with my auntie, uncle and cousins.

Cabbage Flowers. Purple plants in Hyde Park. They reminded me of dear friend Biselle, who loves Purple. They looked lovely.