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One of my best retail find when I visited Manila a few months ago was Kultura Filipino It’s one of the best shopping experiences for a balikbayan like me or travelers who explore the Philippines.  From crafts, accessories, apparel, bags, food and souvenir items, you can all find these in this lifestyle retail store.  You can conveniently find Kultura Filipino in all SM Malls.
Here are some my loots from Kultura Filipino:

The Jeepney shirt which has become one of my favourite shirts now.  I wore it once at the office and my workmates loved it!  I proudly told them about Jeepney being the national transportation of the Philippines.  I love the back of the shirt because of its detailed graphics.

Shirts from Kultura Fashion Fridays: Proudly Philippine-made Loots From Kultura

Being a Rizal fan, I just had to buy myself some Rizal shirts.  The white shirt with “Rizal twins” (that’s how I call it hehe, it’s actually likened to a playing card) is made by My Philippines, while the green shirt with the sunglasses-wearing Rizal (he looks soooo cool in this graphic design) is by Team Manila.  

Shirts from KulturaFashion Fridays: Proudly Philippine-made Loots From Kultura

The merchandise at Kultura Filipino are also great gifts to balikbayans.  Our wedding ninang, Mama Jules, gifted the Husband and I shirts from Kultura Filipino!!!  We were so grateful for her thoughtfulness and oh how we loved her gifts to us.

Mama Jules gave me this cute shirt that had a heart made up of different symbols that relate to everything about the Philippines. 

Fashion Fridays: Proudly Philippine-made Loots From Kultura

The Husband’s shirt on the other hand had Pinoy Jokes written all over.  Whenever he wears this I get mesmerized reading the jokes written on it.  
Fashion Fridays: Proudly Philippine-made Loots From KulturaFashion Fridays: Proudly Philippine-made Loots From Kultura

Other than shirts, I got myself some re-usable bags that had pop culture designs on them.
I like this Manila Street Life bag because it had the names of different cities in Metro Manila with icons of our Manila street life (click this to see enlarged photo).  And of course, I wouldn’t leave the store without buying a Rizal bag to add to my Rizal collection.
Fashion Fridays: Proudly Philippine-made Loots From Kultura

Fashion Fridays: Proudly Philippine-made Loots From Kultura

The Buti Na Lang Sabado Bukas bag was designed by Team Manila is one bag that I can’t help but add to my collection.  Love the humour!
Fashion Fridays: Proudly Philippine-made Loots From Kultura

The Common Filipino Mistakes bag is a gift from one of my aunts who vacationed in the Philippines last year.  Love the humour on this one too.

Fashion Fridays: Proudly Philippine-made Loots From Kultura

Whenever I’m at Megamall, I always drop by their Kultura Filipino store and in one of my visits, I found this rosary necklace in the accessories section.  It is made of a crystal called Citrine.  The crystals are actually light yellow in colour (I used a white filter when I took this photo that why it became white).  I bought this because I also have a collection of Rosaries and I’m very fond of crystals and precious stones.

Fashion Fridays: Proudly Philippine-made Loots From Kultura

And because in just a short span of time that I was in the Philippines and have been shopping there all the time, Kultura Filipino gave me a big, lovely Bayong before I left (you have to spend a minimum amount of which escapes me right now).

Fashion Fridays: My Great Finds From Kultura Filipino
If in case you are visiting the Philippines or you plan to give travelers or balikbayans a gift that is truly made by Filipinos, visit Kultura Filipino.

For Kultura Filipino branches, please click this.

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I don’t know what came over me but I’m now launching another regular topic in AWCLStyle Musings.  Every week, I hope to share with you some of the ensembles I wear, fashion, beauty, design and art finds, plus leads and store sales in the metro. 

Based from my last vacation, I’ve decided that Manila and Seoul are now my fashion havens.  It used be that my favourite shopping cities are Manila and Singapore but that has changed.  

Manila will always be #1 on my list because it almost has everything (from “tiangge” {market}, vintage or designer finds) while Seoul had been a great discovery for me with their youthful but classy and sometimes edgy finds.  What I love from both cities: I can easily find something in my size and more often they are reasonably priced.  

Since I came back from vacation, I have lost my interest in shopping here in Sydney and have decreased buying new clothes.  A few reasons would be (1) I shopped out in Manila and Seoul; (2) the clothes I bought will sustain me the whole year as I bought clothes for every season and (3) I’d rather save my money and shop overseas or buy items on-line.

My outfit last Friday were all bought from Manila and Seoul and each item I’m wearing has its own story which brings more value to the ensemble I wore.  One of the things I love from shopping during travel is that other than a piece of clothing, I get to bring home a memory or a story that comes with my fashion finds.

Friday's Fashion: All Bought From Overseas

Black Jacket.  I found this in one of the small boutiques in one of the train stations in Seoul.  We were on our way home on our 2nd night when I chanced upon a SALE sign in one of the boutiques and decided to go in and have a look.  This was priced at 40,000won but when I asked the lady who owned the shop, she said she’ll give it to me for 19,000won.  The jacket is made with great material, thick enough to be worn during Autumn and not-so-cold Winter days. It fits me perfectly and I love love love the inner floral lining of the jacket.

Friday's Fashion: From Manila & Seoul

Brown Dotted Scarf.  One of my many great finds in H&M Seoul.  The moment I saw this, I grabbed it right away.  I love dotted prints!

Friday's Fashion: All Bought From Overseas

Knitted Black Shirt.  The Philippines may be a tropical country but you can sometimes find great knitted items in stores.  I found this at Folded & Hung and it was on sale for only Php300.00.

Friday's Fashion: All Bought From Overseas
Denim A-line Skirt.  I’ve been on the lookout for the best denim A-line skirt and I was the happiest when I found it at Topshop (Trinoma).  It’s the perfect fit and length.  The colour goes well with everything.  I really hope I can find another skirt like this again.

Stockings.  I found these at Landmark Makati a few days before we left for Seoul.  I didn’t bring any winter outfits with me so I figured I should at least bring stockings or tights.  The brand is Leg Love by Kate Torralba.  I love the material she used as it really keeps the legs warm.  According to the Husband, a lot of Korean women checked out my stockings when they saw me passing by.  Kudos to Filipino designers!

Black Ankle Boots.  These were the last pair of shoes I bought in Manila and I found them on my last day.  We were at SM Department Store in SM Marikina and found these while I was walking along the shoes section.  Take note, I had no intention of shopping anymore because we were already worried about overweight baggage but I bought it still because it’s so hard to find shoes in Sydney the perfectly fits me.  I’m glad I followed my gut feel.

Brown Handbag.  My very generous Mum gifted me and my Husband a shopping spree at Marithe et Francois Girbaud (Megamall) and this bag was one of the stuff I got from the store.  I love it because of its deep brown hue and it had several compartments.

Winter is over….Spring has sprung!  I can’t wait to wear more of the stuff I got from my Manila and Seoul travel.

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