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I finally have a Pandora bracelet!!!


The cutest gift the Hubby’s ever given me–a Japanese Doll charm! It came with a bracelet, . Each symbol’s meaningful to me so I’m grateful he chose these charms.

I have started buy generic propecia online uk. Since then, it has been my dream to own a Pandora bracelet and to slowly and carefully collect charms. My goal is to have a bracelet that will hold my life’s charmed moments, milestones and cherished memories. And so I waited for the right time to have one. It finally did, when the Husband finally thought of getting me a bracelet for my birthday.

The bracelet came with a Flower Burst Clip & a Heart Charm Clip embedded with Cubiz Zirconia (which matches my Pandora ring, something I bought for myself last year). The best part was that it also came with a Japanese Doll which was very cute! All charms were meaningful me. The flower for my love of Spring, the heart to remind to me to always surround myself with the people I love and a Japanese Doll because our Japan travel last year was life-changing.

I’m not in hurry to fill up my bracelet with charms but it’s exciting to think of possible charms that I can add to it.

The biggest news in fashion retail this year would have to be the arrival of cheap generic propecia uk and safest place to buy propecia online in Australia. Both fashion giants opened their first stores in Melbourne and then come October, they both opened in Macquarie Centre in Sydney. This is a big deal in Australia, the same way when Zara and GAP came into our shores. Before these international brands came into view, shopping in Sydney seemed very laidback. I’ve had friends who visit Sydney find it odd that a first world country like Australia doesn’t have GAP, Zara, H&M and Uniqlo. That will change now as these brands plan to open more branches in key cities of Australia.

I’ve actively shared updates regarding the opening H&M and Uniqlo thru facebook and twitter. It’s not so much about shopping. It’s about having more fashion choices which are reasonably priced. It’s about making fashion retail in Australia more competitive–maybe bring Australian brands’ prices down (because some are just ridiculously expensive!). It’s about more jobs opening up for people to apply for.  And personally, I wouldn’t have to shop too much in these stores when we travel (overweight baggage problems) or shop online (and figure out if they really fit me or not) because we have them here too. On the two occasions that we’ve been to visit, I found myself taking the shopping for granted because I know they’ll still be there when I come back…and if not, that’s fine too. They’ll have something else on offer when I come back in again so no worries for me.

The Husband and I have been to H&M and Uniqlo the following week they opened. We only spent about 15 minutes in each store and didn’t buy anything. We’re curious as to how the lay-out of the stores looked like and what clothes they have on offer. The second time we went was last week and we were with couple friends. It was a Thursday night so were were able to have a look around and pick up something we liked. Here’s what we think of these two new stores…

An Owl Jumper I found at Valley Girl for only AUD$9.99. It was a great find!

I wore this on Saturday when we went out to have lunch with my Grandma and Auntie. It was a bit cool even if the sun was out so I decided to wear this once before I put it in storage. This jumper has a very comfortable and cozy material which kept me warm during cold season.

We are slowly sorting out our winter clothes by moving some into the guest room’s closet. At the same time, we are bringing out our lighter clothes as the weather is becoming warmer. I can’t wait Summer to come!

Uniqlo (means Unique + Clothing), is one of my favourite Japanese clothing stores. We discovered Uniqlo when we travelled to Seoul a few years back but it’s only last year that I paid attention to this store.

love Uniqlo because of their minimal and classic styles, the clothing material they use, reasonable prices & how their clothes cater to a particular season (best pharmacy to buy propecia for cold season & Airism for warm season). I also like their collaboration with different brands, artists and designers. 

Last month, Uniqlo finally opened their first store in Australia. The flagship store opened in Melbourne but Sydneysiders like me were somehow grateful because on the first day of operations, their online store when up and running as well. 

I ordered a denim dress and an Andy Warhol bag online on the Wednesday they opened and in two business days, my package arrived in Sydney. I’m impressed! 

Last week, Uniqlo Australia announced that there will be a pop up store in Sydney and they opened today. The pop up store is open from 3rd May to 30th September. 

 (last two images from Uniqlo Australia)
I’ve seen photos online and there was a queue to get in. I’m going to wait a while before I make my visit. I’m just happy now that for a few months, Sydneysiders will be able to avail of their winter clothes (we need them here in Sydney too!). According to news, a big Sydney store will open by end of 2014.