It’s so easy to get lost in the busy-ness of everyday. My solution in avoiding being trapped in work routines (without sacrificing quality of my work) is to inject a bit of bonding time with workmates. I seldom do this before as I’m normally very focused with finishing tasks so I can go home early. I realised that it’s good to break my routine at least once a week like have long coffee breaks or take walks during lunch time.

A few weeks ago, I’ve started this new change in my work life and invited one of my close friend at work. Anna and I chose to have coffee and pastry at Esca Cafe.
Esca Cafe used to be called Naggy’s Cafe. I believe there was a change in management, hence, the change in name. They have retained the cozy vibe and delicious food they serve so that’s a very good thing. I’ve heard too that they’ve introduced more food in the menu but haven’t tried them yet.

I had a cup of Flat White and a Lemon Tart while Anna had a hazelnut cookie which was chewy and had a sweetness that was just right.

The Lemon Tart was a beautiful work of art. The tartness will give you the zing you need in case you’re sleepy haha! It’s quite unique because the base was coated in chocolate which gives you the sweet and bitter taste of cocoa. An interesting harmony inside my mouth. 

Maybe next time we’ll have lunch here sometime soon so we can try out their new offerings.

Esca Cafe, Restaurant & Espresso Bar
333B Glebe Point Road, Glebe
Phone: 02 9566 4860

Here’s another discovery in that little Japantown at Regent Place: a ramen house!

Tenkomori Ramen House gets very busy during peak hours because of their affordable food choices. The food tastes average and plentiful. I think they’ve got the cheapest ramen in Sydney which starts from about $8.00.
Karaage Tonkotsu Ramen
Chasu Tonkotsu Ramen
On a cool night, the Husband and I decided to hang out at Regent Place and have some ramen for dinner. The place was already packed and it was only 6pm. We each had a bowl of ramen with tonkotsu broth; his topped with karaage (chicken) and mine with chasu (thin-sliced pork belly).

The noodles were firm while the taste of milky broth had a subtle pork flavour. It was a bit bland and had less oil compared to other ramens we’ve tried. However, the karaage and chasu made up for the lack of flavour from the broth. So in way, I found balance in it (pwede na rin!). Plus, they’ve got condiments on the table to help you (salt, pepper and chili). For the price, I didn’t really complain. It was good food that was simple, filling and very affordable. It gave us warmth and satisfied our craving for ramen.

Tenkomori Ramen House
Ground Floor, Regent Place
501 Georgt Street, Sydney
Open from 11:30am-11pm, 7 days a week

It’s been a long time since I’ve caught up with one of my dear friends and thankfully Meds and I found time to sit down and have a meal a few weeks after I came back from Japan. 

We both love drinking coffee and so I invited her to visit my area so we can have good coffee at Coco Cubano.
We met up in the middle of the afternoon and I haven’t had my lunch so we ordered food as well. I got the Classic Burger made up of Wagyu Beef sandwiched in between cheese, tomatoes and lettuce. It’s huge and very filling. I enjoyed eating this juicy burger with Coco Cubano’s chunky chips. 

Meds, on the other hand, got Garlic Pizza. We both love this simple pizza. Very cheesy just the way we like it.

After our coffee date, Meds shared a photo of her artwork on IG. I love it! She made an art diary of our coffee date. She’s amazing! She’s captured our meal, coffee and even our Japan photobooks which I shared with her, all thru an artwork.

It was a great catch-up that lasted til dinner time. Meds and I are the kind of friends where we could talk for hours and still have something to talk about. It’s the kind of friendship I’m grateful for.

Coco Cubano
Level 4, Westpoint Blacktown
Phone: 02 9676 4444

One of my girlfriends, Chloe, had some free time last week so we met up after work for some afternoon tea. Chloe discovered this chocolate cafe in Burwood and when she shared photos on facebook, I requested that she take me there soon. And so we did went to The Choc Pot for a delightful afternoon filld with chocolate desserts.
We had Genmaicha Tea (Japanese Green Tea with Brown Rice) to partner with our chocolate desserts, which we found were both our favourite.

Our choices that afternoon:

Crispy Topdeck Mousse, white and chocolate layered mousse topped with chocolate-covered rice crispies, whipped cream and strawberries. Creatively placed inside a glass, the chocolate was smooth, light and not too sweet.

Chocolate Souffle with Salted Caramel and Ice Cream. The chocolate souffle is light and fluffy on the outside but rich and oozing with melting chocolate on the inside. 

The best part was pouring the sticky salted caramel on top of the souffle. Soooo good!

Grateful for the delicious chocolate desserts and fun catch-up with Chloe.

7/1 Railway Parade
Burwood, NSW 2134
A french restaurant that serves delicious breakfast was a great choice during my morning walk with Mom at The Rocks last year. I’m glad that I got to try dining in this restaurant with her.

“Bienvenue!” means “welcome”, the sign on a bike at the entrance of Baroque Bistro

The rustic interiors of Baroque Bistro were dark and sexy, in hues of black and red. The huge windows gave great light to anyone taking a photograph.

My Mom had hot chocolate which she enjoyed and I had a cup of long black coffee which was comfortingly strong on a Friday morning. Just what I needed!

Raw sugar in cube form = love.

Eggs and Bacon Cocotte. Smoked speck, mushroom, tomato, garlic, hollandaise, served with grilled Sonoma sourdough. It smelled wonderful and tasted more beautiful than this photograph. 

Eggs Benedict in Baroque Style. Serrano ham, tomato, basil, hollandaise, toasted brioche bun. Eggs were perfectly poached, Serrano ham was divine and the hollandaise sauce was light and tasty. 

Baroque Bistro is also known for their pastries, bread and macarons. Our breakfast was very filling, hence, we had no room for dessert. Maybe next time, I’ll come back for afternoon tea or dessert.

88 George Street (corner Hickson Road)
The Rocks, Sydney
Phone: 02 9241 4811