Projects of the Mrs

– Getting ready at the office, need to get at least three weeks of work done before I go on my vaycay

– Need to file my Flex days (day-offs) and Leaves (I just remembered today that I need to do it ASAP–I almost forgot)

– Finalize our Dubai and Singapore itinerary (Chris is the one doing Dubai–I already sent him my list of places to see, eat and shop in Dubai…I’m incharge of Singapore–I have yet to write everything down!)

– Work on preliminary preps for Chris’ Welcome Party (sent out the invites via email)

– Buy pasalubong and prepare loot bags for friends in Dubai and Singapore

– Tidy up my room and make sure that Chris’ clothes will have space in my closet

– Do a little shopping for what I would need (almost done)

– Get a haircut

– Celebrate people’s birthdays (yes, life goes on, I’m never too busy to be there for my loved ones)

– Pack, pack and pack

– Work out (I briskwalk almost everyday, do home exercises and lift weights to build stamina, strength and endurance for travel–the last thing I want to happen to me is get sick and I need to be able to carry my luggages)

– Rest and get as much sleep as I can!!!!!

I’ve got about two weeks to do all of this—thank God for Holy Week and Easter Week: we’ve got two public holidays (Good Friday and Easter Monday) to look forward to.

Kaya Ko ‘To…Aja!!!!


Caritas Australia 2008’s Project Compassion is giving out Lenten Sharepacks (thru our Parish) wherein you’ll find six envelopes, one for each week of Lent. Each week, the relevant envelope should be returned to the parish containing your donation.

The first week envelope is for the Philippines:

The other five envelopes will go to Australia, West Java (Indonesia), Kenya, Brazil and Fiji.

My little Lenten Sacrifice this year is to save my lunch money for the week (no lunch out or buying lunch at work) and instead bring lunch from home every day. The money I’m able to save from not buying lunch for six weeks will go into these envelopes. It’s not much but as the Caritas envelope says “It only takes a little to make a big change”.

Presenting my new website entitled “Say it with Photographs” where I’ll be exhibiting all my photography what-have-yous and what-nots. This will mostly be photos as I want to see how my skills in photography will change with time. This site also holds a lot of links to all my photography references. Feel free to comment on the photos–I would greatly appreciate it.


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