Deep in your eyes is a promise
Love can be ours if we want it
Starting tonight ev’ry dream
I ever knew
Here in your arms I’m believing
Fin’lly my life has a meaning of its own
Here in the land of loving I am home.

I was alone in the city
Searchin’ for someone to find me
Cold empty nights and
A million strangers’ eyes
Here in your arms
I’m beginning
To leave behind all the loneliness I knew
Here in the land of loving there is you.

In this simple room magic is made
Though the world seems unchanged
Leave the lights on I’m a bit afraid
This might be just a sweet dream.

Deep in the night love is growing
Though I had no way of knowing
That when I found you I found ev’rything I need
Here in your love I’ll be staying
Fin’lly my life won’t be living all alone
Here in the land of the loving I am home.

Home Sweet Home.

Text from the lyrics of “Land of the Loving” by David Benoit
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