Red is the dominant color for accents inside the home nowadays. Not only because of the season but because I love red. And as far as the Husband is concerned, it is the only color for the home that we never argue about. Believe me, it’s not easy deciding colors for the home when you have an artist for a husband.

Since it’s Christmas time, our dining table looked like this on Christmas day:

The Husband and I conceptualized the centerpiece for the dining table. We decided that our Christmas colors would be red and silver. I initially bought the red christmas placemats (cost was AUD$5.00 each) around October.

For the centerpiece, it was made up of the following: red and silver square platter (AUD$20.00), red and silver balls (approximately AUD$2.00 each), silver candle (AUD5.00), silver candle holder (AUD$5.00), tall red candle (AUD$2.00) and red star-shaped trimmings (AUD$5.00).

Other red accents we found for the home:

Red throw pillows for our grey sofa. We found these during the year-end clearance sale, from AUD$40.00 it was reduced to AUD$25.00/each.

A red bean bag. This wasn’t on sale but the beans for the bean bag was. The bean bag was about AUD$20.00, while the beans were AUD$11.00 per 500grams. Our bean bag contains 1,000 grams of beans.

This entry is for The Filipino Mom Blog‘s last week of Fab Holiday Finds.

Since we’re keeping Christmas decors to a minimum this year, we bought a small Christmas tree and placed it on top of our bookshelf located in the middle portion of the house.

Our Christmas Theme this year is Red and Silver, so when we found this shining, shimmering, silver (napapakanta ba kayo?? hehe) Christmas Tree, we knew it was ‘it’!

This tree will always be memorable to us, as this is our first Christmas Tree on our first Christmas together as a married couple.

We found this at the Myer Store in City for only AUD$35.00.

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The Filipino Mom Blog‘s Fab Holiday Finds Week 2

Since we moved to a new place recently, one of my goals for the house is to re-organize my filing system. In managing a home, there are several bills to pay and file. It was timely that last Friday, I found a cute and user-friendly folder where I can file away our bills.

The “MY BILLS” Folder is part of kikki.K’s “My Series Organisers”

On the Bills To Pay divider, they stated the Instructions:

As soon as you get a bill:

  1. check that it makes sense;
  2. make a note in your diary when it’s due, then:
  3. file it under BILLS TO PAY so you know exactly where it is when you need to find it.
  4. once paid, mark it paid and move it into the category it best fits for easy reference. Simple!

Tabs include: Bills To Pay, Utilities, Health, Finance, Home, Lifestyle Family, Telephone Internet and Motor Vehicles Misc

This is a perfect gift for newlyweds who moved to a home or for those who need help with organising their bills.

Available at all kikki.K stores: Store Locations or you can shop online via their website: kikki.K. Cost: AUD$39.95.

An entry to The Filipino Mom Blog‘s Fab Holiday Finds

Christmas Floor Mat

We don’t have much Christmas decors in the home and we don’t have plans of putting up so much Christmas decors due to the fact that we only moved in and still getting settled in our home. But as early as November, I put out our Christmas Floor Mat so we can have a feel of Christmas inside the home.

Christmas Floor Mats are available in department stores here in Australia, prices range from AUD$10.00-20.00 (today’s exchange rate is AUD$1.00 = Php31.95).

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This entry is for The Filipino Mom Blog‘s Lunch Box Meme.

One of my favorite baon for lunch is making my own green salad with tuna. For today, my green salad comprises of Spinach and Baby Rocket Leaves, Tomatoes and Olives. My choice of dressing for today is French dressing.

On some days my green salad varies when I feel like adding carrot sticks and using a different dressing like Caesar, Italian or Balsamic Vinegar.

Happy Lunch!