Health and Well-being

I’m not entirely buying everything organic for the home but there are a few items in the pantry that has turned organic. I figured that I may not be able to control what we eat outside all the time but at least, I can make healthy choices for our home.

Breakfast nowadays are Organic Cornflkes and Organic Milk. In making coffee and cooking, we use Organic Raw Sugar.

When we need to add flavor during meals, we now use Organic Tomato Ketchup. For cooking, I now use Organic Flour.

I still use non-organic pasta from time to time, but if I can, I try to find organic pasta like this Penne pasta I found.

And for my everyday tea at work, I’ve switched to organic two years ago.

Due to some health scare that happened to me when I was still single, I vowed that I will try my best to control the food we buy for the home when I get married. We still buy certain junk foods from time to time but we have a schedule on when we can eat junk foods. An example would be sharing a bag of chips only on Saturday nights, but for the rest of the week, we don’t. As I always say, as long as everything is in moderation and controlled, that is fine.

People are lucky nowadays to find several healthy options (one of which is organic) available to them in the market. It is a bit more expensive than the normal products but for me, it is worth it.

After a long break from playing badminton (due to my wrist tendonitis) I finally went back to the court to play again. And boy, it felt really really good to be playing a sport I’ve loved all my life.

Warmed-up as soon as we arrived. As much as I wanted to play a lot in the two hours that we were there, I psyched myself up to take it easy and spend lots of breaks in between playing. It’s been awhile since I’ve played and I don’t want my muscles to get very shocked, plus I didn’t want to hurt my wrist again.

And then the games began. It felt good to be sweating again. And it felt good to feel those muscles flex and stretch, i love it!

We rented the court for two hours and when the time was up, Evan suddenly hurt his ankle which signalled that playing is indeed over. We hovered around him asking him how he is, when Hilda answered “malayo sa bituka”, we all laughed.

The happy badminton crew…group photo before we left.

The husband took lots of photos of me while playing and when I looked at them, I realized some things:
(a) Na serious din naman pala ako pag pumapalo ng shuttlecock. I laugh and I’m very playful inside the court even when competing pero pala pag game na talaga, serious pala ang face ko haha. I found out (thru the photos) that I have a certain pout when I play.

(b) That sometimes I close my eyes when I smash.
(c) That I move and stretch like a dancer when I try to hit the shuttlecock. I have to thank my training in dancing for that, I never really noticed how I moved inside the court until yesterday.
(d) That there’s a part of me that will once in a while miss competing. I miss wearing my trainers, my Nikes, my racket–holding it and playing with it, bringing tons of water, drinking Gatorade, running towards the game venue from the time I got off my ride as a part of my warm-up, doing warm-ups, late night trainings after school and work (kasi hanggang sa work naglaro ako), being inside the court with nothing on mind but the game and only the game and hanging out with players who eventually became my friends. Lots of good memories and learnings I’ve gained thru this sport.
Now that I’m playing (for recreation only) again, I hope my wrist tendonitis doesn’t come back coz if it does, I would have to put my racket back into storage–which I would’nt want to happen. We’ll see how it goes. For now, I’m just happy that I’m back doing one of the things I love.

Yesterday, I decided not to go to work.

I woke up a little late than usual. The alarm went off at 5:30am, touched the snooze button…alarm went off again after five minutes, I didn’t get up still. After a few more minutes (that’s an understatement), I realized it was already 6am! Immediately, I prepared to go to work. While Husband and I had breakast, I told him, “I don’t want to go to work today, I want to go back to bed and sleep.” The ever-loving husband replied, “Then stay home, what have you got to lose?”

My husband has never been a big talker but once he says something, more often than not, it is logical and will make you stop and realize, “Oo nga no?”

So I asked myself, “When was the last time I did something like this?”

“When was the last time I threw all my caution to the wind and just do what I want and not care about what will happen next?”

“When did I last rewarded myself with a day of sleeping?”

“When was the last time I gave myself something intagible?”

The answer to all those questions was “I don’t know.” With that kind of answer, I think that says a lot, doesn’t it?

And so I stayed home and slept…and watched TV…and read a book…and just relaxed! It was a glorious day for me. I made up for lost sleep and at the same time, it not only rejuvenated my body, but my mind and soul as well.

Nowadays, it’s so easy to get caught up in the web-like array of our day-to-day activities–work, responsibilities, bills to pay, parties to attend, a household to manage, kids to take care of, family and friends to be there for…and the list goes on and on.

These days, we only get to take a day-off when we’re feeling really really sick—and more often than not, we even feel guilty for not going to work!

These days, it’s just so easy to be an adult because we are faced with obligations. that we sometimes forget the child in us.

But once in a while, no matter how difficult or impossible we think it is, doing something for yourself can be the most rewarding thing. It is healthier too.

So be a kid sometimes and ask yourself, “When was the last time I did something for myself?”

Coffee discovery alert!

When I saw Nescafe GREENBLEND Coffee in the supermarket, I can’t help but buy it. Imagine, I would be drinking coffee but have more than what I get from Green Tea (has 70% more antioxidants than green tea). And one of the best things about it is the aroma–it got me at hello! 🙂 I love love the smell of this coffee.

A must-try for coffee lovers like me.

This entry is for The Filipino Mom Blog‘s Lunch Box Meme.

One of my favorite baon for lunch is making my own green salad with tuna. For today, my green salad comprises of Spinach and Baby Rocket Leaves, Tomatoes and Olives. My choice of dressing for today is French dressing.

On some days my green salad varies when I feel like adding carrot sticks and using a different dressing like Caesar, Italian or Balsamic Vinegar.

Happy Lunch!