Health and Well-being

I’ve been known to spending “Me” times with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and a cake to go with it. But there are “Me” times of mine, I spend it with Sushi.

The Husband is out with friends tonight and so I went to the mall to see an Optometrist. Before I went home, I dropped by the sushi place and bought myself dinner.

Last night, I teased the Husband: “Yay! You’re going out, I don’t have to cook dinner and I’ll have the house to myself!!!” Hehe. I don’t mind cooking for us, but I have to admit that preparing dinner after arriving from work takes a lot of effort sometimes especially when I had a long day at the office. The Husband doesn’t pressure me to cook all the time, he actually eats anything I lay on the table. But I can’t bear not cooking and just buy take-away food. Once in a while I make an exception, but I really prefer that meals at home are freshly cooked and I know where the ingredients come from.

Anyway, since it’s only me tonight, I decided to buy sushi for my dinner as I enjoyed watching “Glee” on TV. It was the episode where they sang “Defying Gravity”, my favorite song from one of my favorite musicals “Wicked”. I’m one happy camper.

I had a productive “Me” time at the mall after work today. Pag may gimik si Husband, natataranta ako dahil parang ang dami kong gustong gawin o puntahan—hindi ko malaman kung saang mall ako susuot hehe.
This afternoon, instead of window shopping (that sometimes results to buying stuff I don’t need), I decided to finally see an Optometrist. I was due for a check-up in September but I’ve been putting it off (I have my eyes check once a year).
The main reason why I needed to see him, other than have my eyes checked, was because I broke my eyeglasses yesterday. So I brought it there to get it fixed and at the same time buy a new 2nd pair of glasses so I’ll have one for the office and one for the home or at least if something happens to either one of them, I’ll have a back-up. The bad news is the glasses I broke had to be shipped to some woop woop place because they don’t have a certain part for the glasses in stock, so that will take a few days to be repaired. The good new is they have put my new glasses in the “rush” list so that I can pick it up in a few days. They asked me if I can survive without glasses and I said “I think I can”. I’m just going to take it easy and give my eyes lots of rest so it can function normally for the next couple of days.
On my way home, I realized that I will be watching a musical tomorrow night and I need glasses when I watch stuff like that. Ayayay! Tomorrow, I’ll just drop by the chemist and buy temporary prescription glasses (the cheap ones). Hope that helps.
Other than buy new glasses, I had my eyes checked and the verdict was it is generally healthy. I was a bit worried because two weeks ago, I had an eye infection that lasted for almost a week (didn’t go to work for two days). I told the Optometrist what happened and he gave me eyepad cleansers for cleaning my eyelids. He asked me what activities I do that involves the eyes. When I mentioned to him about photography, he gave me this optical lens cleaner that he said might help in cleaning the viewfinder of my camera. He said hopefully it disinfects my viewfinder so the germs won’t get transported to my eyes. That was very nice of him.
What about you? Have you had your eyes checked lately? According to the Optometrist, our eyes should be checked at least once a year.

I will

live in

the moment

and enjoy being.

photo from vulcan75

Tips on How to Enjoy “Being”:

(these are advices I give myself whenever I forget to just enjoy my here and now. I hope these will help you too)

Be always in the present. Wherever you are and whatever circumstance you are in, enjoy it, savor it…cherish it.

Count your blessings. While it is okay to dream or want something in life, it is never healthy to obsess too much for things you know you can’t have at the moment.

Be grateful for your NOW. Remember two things: (1) Each moment passes by quickly–it may be over before your know it and (2) your next moment may not be as great or as happy, so live each moment as if it’s the best moment of your life.

Keep in mind that challenges are a part of life and that it is meant to teach a lesson. Embrace it the way you cherish your joys in life and always find the lesson each challenge conveys.

Never take shortcuts. An unhappy moment is part of life and the only way to live fully is to manage feelings such as fear, grief, frustration, disappointments, etc. Give yourself time to heal. Cry and wallow if you must, but don’t be a slave to your unhappiness. Being able to rise up and learn from an unhappy moment is a sign of growth (take note: there must be LEARNING as without it, growth will be futile).

I’ve shared this before and I will share it once again.

“My concept of ‘Being’ means embracing whatever life brings you…it may be joy, sorrow, pain, hardships—the key is to cherish it (even if its painful) and learn from it. We honor our joy, we might as well honor our pain too. Life is so much sweeter when you know you’re able to go thru happy or sad moments with no shortcuts.”

– an ibyangism i learned when i moved in Sydney and found out that life is more beautiful when you have gone thru cherished tears

Here’s wishing everyone a happy week ahead!

What you need:
6 large onions
2 medium-sized green bell peppers or 1 large green bell pepper
6 large ripe tomatoes
1 bunch of celery with leaves
1/2 head white cabbage
4 carrots
1 litre Tomato Juice
Salt, Pepper to taste

What you need to do:

1. Chop vegetables and place inside a pot.

2. Pour in water and tomato juice. Add salt and pepper.

3. Boil for 10-15 minutes, until vegetables are tender.


1. For those wanting to lose weight, the diet calls to eat only this soup for seven days.

2. The recipe above is good for 20 servings. You can put smaller portions in containers and store them in your freezer.

3. A caution of warning: this soup makes one gassy.

4. Diet or not, this is a great tasting soup. I’ve never really went on a diet with just this–and I never really go on a diet per se (I think I’d really die if I only eat this or go on a diet hehe). But I love having this soup because of the yummy veggies in it and I’ve always been fond of eating tomato-based soups. I eat this together with any daily meal: as a compliment to our main dish during lunch or dinner. Or I sometimes have this soup during afternoon snack.

5. This is a very healthy soup as the veggies in it are good sources of antioxidants which aids in getting rid of toxins in the body. This is also good if you want to burn calories, hence the name “fat burning soup.”

6. One of the things I notice whenever I eat this is that my skin has a healthy, rosy glow.

Thank you to Toni of Wifely Steps for sharing her Fat Burning Soup recipe and for letting me publish it here in my blog.

My new organic finds for the home: Quick Oats and Yogurt.

Quick Oats can be cooked the normal way (with boiled water) or with use of a microwave.

I love yogurt!!!—especially now that it’s organic.

Some things I need to clarify:

I’m sharing my organic finds for the home for the simple reason that I want people to be aware that organic choices are easily available to everyone nowadays. The key word here is AWARENESS.

In my first entry about Organic Choices for the Home, I veered away from the word “healthy” as I didn’t want readers to have the notion that the only way to be healthy is to use organic products. If you read my entry again, I didn’t refer organic food to “being solely healthy” but instead regard it as one of the several healthy options.

May I quote again the second to the last sentence that I wrote: People are lucky nowadays to find several healthy options (one of which is organic) available to them in the market.”

Thank you!

Yesterday, we just stayed home and rest.

At home, I cleaned house, did laundry, mopped floors and watched lots of Pinoy movies in Dibidi. 😉

After dinner, the Bakasyonistas, Balilos, Mendozas and Sanchezes trooped down to Bernie Mullane to play Badminton. After all the eating for the past days, it was good to sweat out and burn some calories.

Who do I love????

I’m making my I Boy Bawang shirt one of my official Badminton shirts hehe. It’s so cute! 🙂

A short nightcap at the Mendozas place where we had Ensaymada, biscuits, cheese and sausages with coffee and tea. Ngek! After playing Badminton, we ate din naman hehe.