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When we were newlyweds, we used to buy bottled juices from the supermarket.  But after a few months, we stopped because we found that bottled juices contained lots of sugars.  Other than bottled juices we don’t buy softdrinks because (1) I never liked the taste of softdrinks and (2) it is unhealthy.  The Husband used to drink softdrinks all the time but developed the discipline to drink water or tea instead.  Although from time to time, we get exposed to softdrinks or bottled juices (parties, dining out or simply because there are no other beverage choice), we make sure that what we keep inside our home are more of the healthy drinks.  Some benefits of not buying bottled juices and softdrinks: we get to save money, we developed the discipline of drinking lots of water, the chance of avoiding illnesses related to drinking beverages high in sugar and chemicals.

For years, I have just eaten fruits as it is but when I learned the benefits of freshly-juiced fruits and vegetables, I lusted for a juicer.  Last year, in order to have freshly-juiced fruits and vegetables, I used a blender or a food processor.  But the texture of the juice was different from the ones that come out of a juicer.  So when the Husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas last year, I said, “Just give me a cheap juicer.”  Luckily he found a medium-sized juicer on sale before Christmas.

From an article I’ve read, here are some of the benefits from drinking freshly-juiced fruits and vegetables:

More absorption. When you drink your fruits and vegetables you absorb up to 80% more of the nutrients. That is a massive amount of minerals, vitamins, etc. that you would otherwise be missing out on.

More fruits and vegetables.  People in today’s world are not eating anywhere near the required amount of fruits and vegetables. Jucing them allows you to pack more into your day thus helping your health. 

Good for your organs.  Juicing your fruit reduces the amount of work your digestive organs have to do and has been shown to increase the health of the liver, kidneys, etc. This kind of thing leads to better immunity and overall better long term health. 

Weight loss.  If you drink fresh juice you are likely to lose weight. The body loves natural foods like this and responds really well. You also don’t need any sugar and kick start your metabolism without the calories 


I’ve started juicing at the start of the year and we’ve been enjoying fresh juice at home most days of the week.  What I do is have a “juicing session” at least once or twice a week (usually on weekends) to save myself time and effort.

I started with juicing fruits and lots of carrots–I love carrots so I always include it.

Two weeks ago, I started adding more greens such as celery and cucumber.  Next time, I’ll add beetroot and green peppers.  

I don’t follow a recipe.  I just go with my gut feel and my sense of taste.  So far, my juice have resulted to just the right balance of sweetness and tangy from fruits and a bit of earthy taste from the from the veggies.

If there’s one tip I can give you about juicing, it would be NOT TO ADD SUGAR, please?  While I know some veggies may have a bitter taste or some fruits may be sour, the best solution is to add naturally sweet components such as Carrots and Apples.

It takes time and effort to juice.  I know other people who started juicing only to get tired of it.  The thing with juicing is you still have to cut and peel your raw produce and then afterwards you need to clean up the juicer.  

To make my juicing worthwhile, I do it all in one go.  I cut and peel my raw produce, then juice them up.  Right after juicing, the Husband and I will each have a tall glass of juice as I was told that fresh juice should be consumed within 15 minutes or else it will lose its nutrients.

The rest of the juice are kept in plastic bottles and goes straight into the freezer.  So far the most number of bottles I’ve made from a juicing session are from two-three bottles.  I drink a bottle of juiced fruits and vegetables during the week, usually from Monday to Wednesday.  That’s becomes my dinner.   If I drink a bottle of juice for dinner, I don’t eat anymore because it is filling.  Other than cutting down on carbs and sweets, drinking juice for dinner twice/thrice a week is a way of giving my body a break from eating solids. 

I’ve heard about juice detox being practiced  by some people nowadays but I haven’t done a whole day detox.  Maybe one day I will, if I need to.  For now, I do feel healthier that I’ve incorporated drinking freshly-juice fruits and vegetables in my lifestyle.  Although it is a bit of a challenge to juice at home especially when I’m busy, I’m enjoying the process of making our own juice and loving the benefits it does our my body.

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Finally, we have Daiso Japan here in Sydney!

Daiso is a lifestyle store from Japan that sells all their product for only AUD2.80. Its flagship store opened at Mandarin Centre in Chatswood this year.  
Daiso Japan (Chatswood, NSW)

Daiso is wasteland haven.  Although the products are useful for any individual, knowing that the price is only AUD$2.80 will make you buy things you don’t need so beware of hoarding. 

Daiso Japan (Chatswood, NSW)
Daiso Japan (Chatswood, NSW)

Some of the photos I took during our first visit to Daiso.

Daiso Japan (Chatswood, NSW)
Storage Boxes
Daiso Japan (Chatswood, NSW)
Water Bottles
Daiso Japan (Chatswood, NSW)
Coffee Filter   s
Daiso Japan (Chatswood, NSW)
Lunch Boxes
Daiso Japan (Chatswood, NSW)
Diningware, Glassware and Silverware
Daiso Japan (Chatswood, NSW)
Kitchen Equipment s
Daiso Japan (Chatswood, NSW)
Colourful Socks
Daiso Japan (Chatswood, NSW)
School Supplies & Stationery
Daiso Japan (Chatswood, NSW)

We controlled ourselves in buying things we don’t need but ended up with a fair bit of stuff we think we need.

Daiso Japan (Chatswood, NSW)
White Umbrella (we’ll use for photography shoots), gift wrapping paper, heel cushions for shoes
Daiso Japan (Chatswood, NSW)
Wash Cloth, Hooks, Pin Cushion, Assorted Threads, Neck Tie
Daiso Japan (Chatswood, NSW)
Dotted Bandanas (can be used as lunch box wrap), Re-usable bag, Wet Tissue, Make-up Pouch, Foaming Net
Daiso Japan (Chatswood, NSW)
Cake Slicer, BBQ Tong, Stainless Container for BBQ
Daiso Japan (Chatswood, NSW)
Non Skid Mat, Dotted Pan Holder, Little Black Plastic Bags

Daiso Japan

Mandarin Centre
65 Albert Avenue, Chatswood
Phone: 02 9410 0665
Open 7 days a week from 9:00AM to 10:00PM
Chanced upon a home & lifestyle store called Howards Storage World and found a lot of great storage solutions and things useful in our daily life. If I had a lot of money, I’d gladly remodel our home and buy a lot of stuff from their store.  But unfortunately not so I just chose two things that I really needed at the moment.

bobino Cord Wrap.  Since it’s such a hassle to untangle my earphones everytime I take it out of my bag, I just had to buy a Cord Wrap so my earphone cords can be organized.  The Cord Wraps come in different sizes: Small, Medium & Large and can be used for any wires or cables.  Check bobino’s website for more of their products

4-Tier Hanger for Skirts and Trousers.  This 4-Tier Hanger is such a space saver.  I’ve accumulated lots of skirts for the past year (I’ve become a “skirts” girl lately) and it’s a challenge keeping them in separate hangers.  I’m grateful I find this last week and now my skirts are more organized.


Store Finder

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Although I’m glad that the Christmas Blend is now available in Starbucks via Ready Brew range, I still love my  freshly brewed coffee at home.
We usually buy grounded coffee but we recently bought a very cheap coffee grinder to complete our “coffee ensemble”.  
The reasons why we now buy coffee beans: 
(1) the beans last longer on shelf compared to grounded coffee
(2) the freedom to control how many beans we will grind on a certain time
(3) control over how coarse or fine we want our grounded coffee
If you want to have good coffee at home, the cheapest and best way is to have a coffee grinder and French Press (a.k.a. coffee press).  Using a coffee press results to stronger and better tasting coffee compared to coffee made by machines. 
Fresh Coffee Beans + French Press = extra full-bodied coffee flavour.
I just love the smell of coffee beans
French Press-ing our Coffee
Our fresh cups of coffee
It may seem very manual and time-consuming but it works for us.  We don’t mind doing “manual labour” since it has resulted to better-tasting coffee. Oh and I love the romance that goes with the grinding and French pressing of coffee. And if only for that, we know that the ritual of grinding and pressing coffee is always worth it.

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Some stores in the Philippines are nonexistent in Australia, one of which is Muji.

Muji is a Japanese lifestyle store that offers stylish and functional quality goods.  They have a branch at Bonifacio High Street so we took the opportunity to check out their store when we had lunch there last Saturday.




Their products range from bags, clothes, shoes, furnitures, storage solutions, kitchen needs and food. It’s like IKEA but more!


I immensely enjoyed shopping there!  What made me more happy was that I found the perfect pair of boots for me.

Our loots from our Muji Shopping:

From their food range, I bought a pack of Vegetable Chips.  I just finished it right now as I write and it was good.  It’s a bit oily but not salty.


My Husband and I bought two pairs of Muji wooden chopsticks, addition to our growing chopsticks collection at home.

My Husband can’t resist getting a few mechanical pens and markers.

I bought these storage boxes to house my accessories and jewellery back home.

We loved their striped shirts because they were thick, perfect for cold weather in Sydney.

And my pair of boots!!!!  It doesn’t have heels and the length is perfect for my short legs.  

If ever you are in Bonifacio High Street, Muji is worth checking out.

Muji (Philippines)
2nd Floor, SSI Building, Quadrant 7
Bonifacio High Street
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

R3 Level, Powerplant Mall
Rockwell Center Makati City

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