I’ve experienced the sweetest birthday month this year and it’s all because the Husband made sure that every week of January, I get to enjoy a slice of cake. The cakes he got me were not fancy but just very thoughtful because he made sure they were cakes I enjoy eating.

On a different perspective, I see the sweetness of each cake pertain to the sweetness of my life then, now and in future. I feel very blessed to come to my 38th year with  lots of love, happiness and peace in my heart. I’m so grateful…so so grateful of the life I live, the special people close to me and the moments I spend with them. The past two years, I have gone thru a downsizing of sorts. It’s a process of knowing myself more and letting go of certain parts of my life. It was painful and took a lot of humility and acceptance, but liberating in the end. To be free of things that make me an unproductive and superficial person was the best gift of that painful journey. I pray that God will continue to guide me in this path I’ve chosen.

Anyway, back to my cakes. Every weekend the Husband got me a cake and I get to eat it on Saturday afternoons with coffee that he made.

Hokkaido Cheesecake (Mini) on the first weekend of January. It’s a cake that I frequently buy from Breadtop because it’s the perfect size for my Husband and I to share. I love its lightness and sweetness. Goes well with tea and coffee.


Our favourite Bibimbap restaurant in Seoul sells Kimchi in a jar…and I’m so glad I found one in the nearby Asian supermarket.


Bibigo is Korean restaurant which we frequented when we travelled in Seoul last year. They are known for their delicious Bibimbap where they let you create your own buy choosing which rice, meat and sauce you like.  Other than serve food, they’ve created various products that you can enjoy at home such as dumplings, fermented sauces, soup, stew, etc.

Why I love Bibigo’s Kimchi:

Its spiciness doesn’t overwhelm, just enough to enhance the flavour of your main dish. I taste a balanced flavour of salty and sour with every bite. The cabbage are cut in small squares so it’s easier to pick with my chopsticks and chew.

Where I found Bibigo’s Kimchi:

I found this jar of Kimchi at G&L Supermarket (17-21 First Avenue, Blacktown). However, they don’t have these on the shelves regularly. As of this writing, they are currently out of stock. I suggest you check out other G&L Supermarket branches, Tong Li Supermarket or Hanaro Mart Strathfield. This could also be found other Korean grocery shops in Sydney Metro.

Night Noodle Markets

Just when I thought we’d skip this year’s Night Noodle Markets, the Hubby suddenly surprised me on Friday afternoon by meeting up with me in the city after work. The plan was I’d do a bit of errands in the city and we’d just meet up at a train station near his workplace. But instead, he called and he was already in the city and suggested to check out the Night Noodle Markets.

We were there for only a while but we enjoyed the festive vibe of the event starting with this giant Maneki-neko (Japanese for “beckoning cat”). It’s huge but it’s one of the cutest thing ever.