An Owl Jumper I found at Valley Girl for only AUD$9.99. It was a great find!

I wore this on Saturday when we went out to have lunch with my Grandma and Auntie. It was a bit cool even if the sun was out so I decided to wear this once before I put it in storage. This jumper has a very comfortable and cozy material which kept me warm during cold season.

We are slowly sorting out our winter clothes by moving some into the guest room’s closet. At the same time, we are bringing out our lighter clothes as the weather is becoming warmer. I can’t wait Summer to come!

Uniqlo (means Unique + Clothing), is one of my favourite Japanese clothing stores. We discovered Uniqlo when we travelled to Seoul a few years back but it’s only last year that I paid attention to this store.

love Uniqlo because of their minimal and classic styles, the clothing material they use, reasonable prices & how their clothes cater to a particular season (Heattech for cold season & Airism for warm season). I also like their collaboration with different brands, artists and designers. 

Last month, Uniqlo finally opened their first store in Australia. The flagship store opened in Melbourne but Sydneysiders like me were somehow grateful because on the first day of operations, their online store when up and running as well. 

I ordered a denim dress and an Andy Warhol bag online on the Wednesday they opened and in two business days, my package arrived in Sydney. I’m impressed! 

Last week, Uniqlo Australia announced that there will be a pop up store in Sydney and they opened today. The pop up store is open from 3rd May to 30th September. 

 (last two images from Uniqlo Australia)
I’ve seen photos online and there was a queue to get in. I’m going to wait a while before I make my visit. I’m just happy now that for a few months, Sydneysiders will be able to avail of their winter clothes (we need them here in Sydney too!). According to news, a big Sydney store will open by end of 2014.
After travelling to Asia in a span of two years, most of my winter clothing these days seem to come from three brands: Uniqlo, Muji and H&M.  In 2011, I did massive shopping at H&M and Muji but this year, Uniqlo was where I found a lot of clothing pieces I liked as they have good quality material at reasonable prices. I’m especially thankful to discover their HEATTECH clothing which generates heat and provides insulation too. Their HEATTECH range includes shirts, leggings, socks, cardigans, beannies and scarves.

I chose the long sleeve shirts for my first HEATTECH purchases. These are base layer shirts perfect for layering during cold season. The clothing material is soft, comforting and fits nicely on the body. 

I used them when we travelled in Seoul where we experienced 4-11 degree Celsius temperatures. Where I would normally have four layers of clothing, I survived the cold with just three layers and even had to ditch the scarf at times.
The next time I come across Uniqlo‘s HEATTECH range, I will try their other pieces such as the cardigans and scarves.

By the way, Uniqlo will soon open their first branch in Australia by end of this year. I’m happy that we will finally have one here down under, however, it will be in Melbourne which is a state away from where I am (and no we’re not flying to Melbourne just so we can shop for Uniqlo stuff). But we’ll never know, right? We might have one here in Sydney too in the future.

These 1950’s inspired Jackie Ohh sunglasses created by Ray-Ban are a true retro style classic. It was made in reference to style icon Jackie Onassis, a clear indication of the inspiration behind the design.

While I’ve always liked Ray-Ban‘s aviator and wayfarer sunglasses, I chose the Jackie Ohh to be my first Ray-Ban. In choosing sunglasses, I like bug-eye style sunnies because it gives the area surrounding my eyes more protection, which is always my main concern. It also gives me a wider range of vision as smaller lenses or frames tend to block my peripherals. 

The Jackie Ohh is perfect in giving my need for wider frames and at the same time, it gives a different look to the bug-eye as its tips are somewhat catlike. I already have square-framed sunnies which I bought at Dior two years ago so the Jackie Ohh satisfies my need for rounded frames.
Style Musings: Jackie Ohh by Ray-Ban
Style Musings: Jackie Ohh by Ray-Ban
Style Musings: Jackie Ohh by Ray-Ban

Another first time for me was ordering these sunglasses online via which I thought was very brave of me to do. What I did to make sure that the glasses would fit me is get the measurement of the sunglasses and compare it against my sunglasses at home. It also helped that has a 366 day return policy and they would even pay for return shipping. The nice about ClearlyContacts too was that they sent me a little screwdriver (which can be use for other things too, not just for sunglasses) and glasses cleaner.

Style Musings: Jackie Ohh by Ray-Ban
This is not a sponsored post.
Chanced upon a camera shirt at a Korean clothing store named SPAO in April 2011. SPAO is a global clothing brand shop offering various items from casual wear to men’s suits, women’s suits, children’s clothing, underwear, sportswear, and accessories.  We were on our way back to our hotel when we passed by their store. It was here that the Husband found a good winter jacket and this camera shirt that I liked the moment I saw it.
November 2012, we were grateful to receive gifts from our friends from SG which included a UNIQLO camera shirt for the Husband. I realized that it matches my shirt from SPAO

Aren’t they cute??? The amusing thing was it was a pleasant surprise that my camera shirt has found a match after almost two years. It was kind of serendipitous too that both of us are into photography.