Everyday Life

One of the things I invested in when I became financially stable was a life insurance.  Some people take life insurance for granted but the advantage of having one is the fact that whatever happens to me, I know my family will be taken cared of.  “Having a life insurance gives you peace of mind” may sound cliche to some but for me, it is so true.  I feel a bit more secure knowing that I’m insured for life.

In Australia, if one is having difficulty in finding a policy for life insurance, all they have to do is check out iSelect‘s website and they can make a comparison on all the life insurance providers available to them.  It’s so easy to navigate their website.  All you have to do is fill in the details in the GET A QUOTE portion of the page and it will lead you to another page asking for the types of cover you need.  Just click on your choices and in a few minutes, iSelect will generate a quote for you!

If you don’t have a life insurance yet, think it over now and compare quotes.  It is better to be prepared than sorry.

This link I found may be useful to those living in America and Canada.  My Husband and I are looking online for great printer ink cartridges bargains for our Canon printer a few nights back and we came across this website called inkgrabber.com.

inkgrabber.com has wide array of printer cartridges for different brands of printers to different models of ink cartridges.   The website is user-friendly as you can shop by printer by brand, monitor the delivery of your orders, the shipping policy is explained well and they have an FAQ page for any more of your queries.  You can easily navigate the page especially that the brands can be easily seen on the left portion of the page.
They also offer discounts and sales on their website!  They are currently running a New Year Sale offering a discount of 10% off your order amounting to more than $55.00.  The code is already mentioned on the website to avail this discount.  If you are wanting to buy printer cartridges right now, this might be a good time to do it.
If you want to beautify the windows of your home, one suggestion is getting window flower boxes or garden window boxes.  Once I was surfing online the other day, I saw this dainty window box and led me to WindowboxPlanters.  They have different kinds of window boxes to choose from but these two photos are my favorite.

These window plant boxes can turn a boring window look charming and stylish.  You can also place them in the rails of your balcony.   Other than make your house lovely, it gives more character to the look of your house.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to look outside your window or balcony and see beautiful flowers?  If it were me, I’d always sip my tea looking out the window if only to see the flowers by the window or maybe hang out by the balcony more often.  Seeing flowers outside my window or balcony will surely help me relax.

Who would have thought that something as simple as an address plaque would have an impression on your home and/or business?  
One of our (my Husband and I) dreams is to one day own a house.  On days when we are in “dream mode”, we like looking at photographs of houses.  It gives us an idea of what we would purchase some day.  Nowadays, we are taking our dream to own a home a little more seriously.  When we look at photographs of houses, we look closely on the structure and details of each one.  We also look how address signs and mailboxes are placed outside a certain home.

What we discovered recently from looking at house photographs is that address plaques has a certain impact in one’s home appearance.  It can set the mood or theme of your home.  The color of your address sign and where you will place it is also something to be considered.

I know I may sound like I’m thinking too far ahead but we will never know, right?  Maybe our dream home will happen sooner than we think.  My Husband and I are very hopeful and positive about it. 

Technology is such a wonderful tool if used right.  Nowadays, everything can be found on the internet.  For my Husband and I, we appreciate all the ideas and suggestions we can get from loved ones and online when there are things we need information about.

Just recently, we were looking at information about annual car check ups. We found this very useful website on auto repair called RepairPal.  I believe that this is an American website as the cities mentioned are New York, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston and Chicago Auto Repair to name a few.  For my friends in America, this website can be very helpful to you. 

RepairPal is an independent resource giving unbiased solutions to your car problems.  You can use the website for getting price estimates for car services and parts.  For example, if you have a Toyota Camry, just find the list of Common Car Models and click on Toyota Camry and you will find information regarding the car’s repair and maintenance. 

They also have a list of Common Auto Repairs that has info on what you need to do when a certain part of your car needs repair.  Its list includes Check Engine Light, Engine Oil and Filter Change, Brake Pad Replacement, etc.

Even if you don’t live in America, I believe that most of the information about auto repair is very useful to anyone who owns a car.