Everyday Life

Our friends in Melbourne has once asked us, “If you love Melbourne so much, why not consider moving here?”  And honestly, the thought has entered our minds a couple of times.  We are truly at home in Melbourne and it is a good city to live in too.

Sometimes we go beyond wondering.  Three months ago, we had a bit of a look on some display homes in Melbourne and it was a great experience to see other options.  The homes we saw were beautiful and conveniently located near the CBD.  At one point, we said, “What if we really move?”  While looking at houses, it felt exciting and inviting.  There’s a part of me that wanted to grab an opportunity to have a big adventure in our married life while the other part of me is not so keen because Sydney is home to us.

For now we are staying put where we are.  However, we are also not closing our doors should there be an opportunity somewhere.  Life may surprise us one time or another so if does happen, I’d say, “Why not?”

I’m a lover of arts and theatre and I’m glad I was able to influence the Husband with my love for watching plays and musicals.  Every year, we make it a point to invest time and money in order to watch one or two musicals or plays (three if we get lucky) instead of watching movies.  The experience is always exhilirating as we watch a story come to life infront of us.

We’re grateful nowadays for the internet because instead of falling in line to buy tickets, it’s so easy to get great seats to plays, concerts and other events via online.  Buying tickets is as easy as 1-2-3.

To my American readers, you may want to check a website we found online for buying tickets to events.  When you book thru them, they will try to give you the best seats available.  If you want to watch a musical, I suggest you watch and buy Jersey Boys Tickets.  If you and your friends are sports fans, treat them to The Masters Tickets and have fun watching golf tournaments.  If you want a night of fun and laughter, some Daniel Tosh Tickets can do the trick.  For a show that will inspire you, buy some Joel Osteen Tickets and experience additional enlightenment in your life.   For live concerts, the best would be to check out the event schedule and purchase United Center tickets, this could be a surprise to your loved ones.  You can buy tickets at your convenience, whether for you or for your family.

My bestfriend is due to give birth soon and I’m so excited for her.   Two days ago, she called me at the office and I thought she was about to give birth already.  We made a pact that as soon as she goes on labour, she or Husband will call me.  Her tummy is feeling very heavy and she related that she might give birth before her due date.

As always our phone call turned out really funny as we talked about what her Husband will wear when she gives birth.  Her Husband is a nurse and I jokingly asked, “Is he wearing his nurse uniform or green scrubs?  Or maybe he has a lab coat too?”  And we laughed.  I know we sound lame but I guess that’s what makes us the best of friends.  We can laugh about anything we talk about.

I’m looking forward to hearing from her again, hoping that it soon be about her going on labour.  I’m going on a holiday soon and I would really like to be there for her in this very important occasion of her life.

I’m feeling great as I write as this very moment as I totaled an hour of walking today.  I usually walk an average of 20-30 minutes per day but on days when the weather is perfect, I add a few more minutes to my daily walking routine.   
Walking has a lot of benefits to our body.  If you walk on a regular basis, it burns lots of calories.  I can imagine it to something like attending several personal training courses  or applying for personal training careers for free! 
Walking does a lot of wonders to me as it is not only just a physical activity but more of a spiritual and mental activity.  When I walk, especially in the afternoons, it serves as an avenue for me to think of the things that happened during the day, be thankful for the blessings I received and sometimes think of my dreams and plans for the future.  Walking also de-stresses me and keeps me happy.
At the end of a busy day at work, it’s one of those activities that I look forward to doing.
Have a great and healthy week!

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