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Yesterday, Multiply has been banned in UAE. I was utterly speechless and dismayed. Our main concern at the moment is that the website URLs we have submitted to the Australian Immigration in Dubai were our Multiply accounts where we have uploaded all our wedding and honeymoon photos. The only site that they can view our wedding photos is in the Wedding Announcer site. But then the stories of the wedding, honeymoon and our vaycay in the Phils are all in my Multiply site.

*Sigh*. Bwisit talaga.

Habang tumatagal lalong pahirap ng pahirap ang buhay long distance namin. Sa Multiply na nga lang kami minsan nagkikita ni husband, na-block pa sa UAE. Hindi namin ugali ang mag-email sa isa’t-isa araw-araw, Makita ko lang na mag-view sya sa multiply ko ng isang beses isang araw, masaya na ako.

I wish whoever in UAE blocked Multiply would take back their decision.

I’m sick. I’m suffering from a very bad cold. My nostrils are all clogged up with you know what. I feel like my head is as big as the moon and it’s aching too. I’ve been sneezing all morning. My workmate Ann told me I look awful and advised me to go home. I told her I don’t want to go home because it’s warmer in the office than at home. Yes, the only reason why I go to work these days is because there’s free central heating here. And anyway, I don’t have fever (yet), so why should I stay home???

And it’s just not me to stay home and wallow just because of a cold. All the more that I would feel helpless, desperate, lonely, and all other negative feelings you can think of, if I stay in bed. At least at work, I feel useful and needed. Work is my reason for trying to be well. Wow, corny! I’m probably hallucinating now.

In times of these, I’m getting drunk on water! Water now and forever! 🙂

I believe that water will help me hydrate.
I believe that water will take my headache away.
I believe that water will unclog my runny nose.
I believe that water will prevent me from having a fever.
I believe that water will help me survive the day.

Okay, this sounds like an affirmation or something, but i’m really a fan of water. Water is my savior!

On other news, I’ve uploaded some photos from this weekend’s happenings (buy generic propecia uk!!! & where can i buy generic propecia). My weekend was all about celebrating birthdays so it’s relative to food. My food highlights was eating pork bun (at the chinese resto) and manggang hilaw (at Tito Raul’s birthday) last Saturday. Chinese and Pinoy Cuisine at its finest!

This is what’s keeping me busy for the past two weeks…

Here are the reasons why i braved chinatown twice (not once, but twice!) in the cold, cold weather just to have a box set of this:
  • the story is entertaining, has lots of funny scenes, not much drama compared to other koreanovelas
  • great production with well thought of concepts
  • awesome cinematography, i love their play of colors in each scene
  • graphically enhanced editing
  • the musical scoring is exceptional with beautiful love songs to make some scenes more “kilig”
buy cheap propecia tablets

Have you seen the bears???
I love them!

My Mom and my cuzin were laughing at me because this koreanovela has made me a fan. I like watching koreanovela but I wasn’t as enthusiastic as before. Watching it is something that I put off most of the time. Although i do like lovers in paris and winter sonata, but once I’ve watched them, I’m done. now, I will honestly say that I love this series up to the point of checking it out on youtube (may tagalog version and MTVs dun eh) and checking out their sites on the internet for production photos and comics version (yes, pati comics version). And take note, one of the things I love about this series are the songs, so everyday I play their OST in my ipod.
Am I crazy??? I guess I am but then, it makes me happy, so what? 🙂

To all you fanatics, check this site: best place to buy generic propecia online

And there’s talks of doing Goong 2, so hopefully they’d do it.

Ang email na sinulat ng ngo-ngo….

June 11, 2007
Hi ey-i (‘Baby’ as spoken by a ngo-ngo)
Musta na i-aw?
Musta na owling nyo? Wala lang, iss lang ki-ah eh. (musta na bowling nyo? wala lang miss kita eh)
Lah u, lah u!
Iss yu so mut! wah!
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buy propecia australia

Ang email na sinulat ng pabaliktad…

July 5, 2007

!ybab iH

?waki an astum
.gnal alaw
.worromot llac ruoy rof taiw lliW
!u vul u vul !hawM !hcum os uoy ssiM

“We cannot really love anybody without whom we never laugh.” – Alice Reppler