Domestic Bliss

My weekend started on Thursday night as I took a day-off from work on Friday.

Birthday Celebration of Louie and Teena at Pancakes on the Rocks. Dessert at Max Brenner near Wynyard Station. Our (husband and I) first time to eat Max Brenner at this branch. More photos here.

Friday was spent going to the bank, shopping for home stuff and a little of groceries for the pantry. Afternoon til evening was spent cooking, afternoon napping, watching Heroes, cleaning the home and doing laundry.

Saturday was busy. Morning appointment at the clinic for my first Hepa-B vaccine (as part of my pre-pregnancy prep), furniture shopping and doing household chores at home. We’re very happy to have found and ordered a bed frame, two bedside tables, a tallboy and a sofabed. We also bought a small bookshelf and a his-and-her camping chair. Can’t wait for our stuff to be delivered.

Sunday was a bit busy too as I was able to unpack two small luggages and a box, did laundry and cook. It was also the Husband’s first time to have work on a Sunday here (read: OT) so I was left by my lonesome watching old movies while sorting out our stuff. To end my long weekend, I rewarded myself with a warm bubble bath.

As I end this entry, I’m waiting for Husband to arrive home so we can end the night by watching an episode of a Koreanovela we’re currently watching.

How was your weekend?

Tuesday, 8 October 2008

Informed by agent that we got the unit we applied for. Left the office early so I can pay the reservation fee.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Agent told us that we can have the signing of lease the following Monday.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Shopped for cleaning materials and stuff we need for the move.

Sunday, 12 October

All day packing of at least 85% of our stuff. Ready for moving on Wednesday.

Monday, 13 October

(1) Finalized arrangement with a removalist company.

(2) Signing of lease at 4:30pm. Got the keys. Waited for Chris at Dolce, had to reward myself with Iced Coffee (hehe). When husband arrived, we bought pork buns and dim sums then walked straight to our apartment. Had dinner on the floor which I found very peaceful because we were watched the sunset via our verandah while eating. Cleaned kitchen and toilet and administered Do-it-yourself pest control before we left our unit.

Now for some photos….

Presenting our very bare 2-bedroom unit on the 3rd floor a building….

We arrived at the unit in time for sunset so it was such a lovely welcome.

We had dinner on the floor…siopao and siomai. 🙂

My mom advised me to bring our little Poon, rice and sugar. It’s probably for good luck so I followed what she told me.

My little but powerful helpers.

Before we move in, we want to make sure that the kitchen and toilets are clean so we brought a multi-surface spray and degreaser. We also want to somehow eliminate the cockroaches and insects’ eggs so we brought and administered the Do-It-Yourself Pest Control kit.

Wednesday, 15 October

The BIG move! =)

10:00am pic-up of mattress at Hilda’s place. Before 11:00am we were at Woodcroft already. Putting stuff in the truck took less than 30 minutes. Arrived at our unit at 11:30am. Took about 45 minutes to bring everything in from the truck to our unit. Moving was over by 12:30pm.

Our removalist’s truck. I had the experience of riding on the front of this truck, scary but fun.

Chris arrived from RTA and Westpoint a little after 1:00pm with KFC in tow for our lunch. After lunch, we made our way to Bing Lee: bought a refrigerator, vacuum and iron. From there, we went to Westpoint: bought house stuff like Brita, ironing board, garbage cans, placemats and food that I will cook for dinner.

This was how our home looked like when we arrived from the shops. Luggages, boxes and plastic bags lying everywhere.

On the first night in our unit, I started working on the kitchen while the husband worked on our room. The goal is to have both areas somehow functionable, being that we need to eat and sleep.

Tired and busy but I tried to make the unit a home by cooking dinner. I cooked Adobo becuase it is the easiest ulam to cook. We still ate dinner on the floor…the dining table hasn’t been set up by the time the Adobo was cooked. We had plates made of hard plastic so we used that instead of Corelle as I didn’t have time to open boxes yet. I had the Tefal pots and pans, cutleries, knives, etc. setted up first.

Our first visitors were our Grandma and the Balilos. They came in around 8:00pm.

We ended the sorting, cleaning and vacuuming by 10:00pm. We realized it was late already and our neighbors might complain due to the noise the vacuum made.

It was a good day. We were blessed with a good weather (cloudy but the important thing was it didn’t rain) and helpful removalists. Moving was a scary thing, was worried that things may turn out wrong or something, but we’re relieved everything fell into place and we’re just happy we have our own place now.

Back story:

It took us almost three months to find a unit that we like. Looked at options in Parramatta, Surry Hills, and Ashfield–but Blacktown won our hearts. Chased up Real Estate Agents who never call back. Gone thru cancelled ocular inspections, applications that did not go thru due to suddenly being sold or leased.

After all we’ve been thru, we are so relieved that we found our first love nest. It was worth all the trouble.

I was at a bookstore yesterday and I found a book on interior design for houses and restaurants.

And because of that book, I finally know what theme or interior design I want for our future home. Yay!

Two words: Modern and Asian.

I know it seems kinda simple and you might say “Modern and Asian lang pala”.

But no, no, no, no, no…when it’s me you are talking about, I’m not that simple when it comes to details. I may have simple ideas on a macro level but I become complicated when it comes to the little things.

Last night, when I told husband about the theme I want, he was nodding and I saw a flicker of agreement 🙂 so I think he likes it too.

There is no house yet…but having a theme in mind is a start…an inspiration…something to look forward to.