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Couples Reflections

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Walking speedand subclinical atherosclerosis in healthy older adults:the Whitehall II study. Adequate treatment ofhypertension, diabetes, and obesity should be undertaken

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According topresent information, most of the studies claim that GST T1 null genotype might be a riskfactor for impaired lipid profile, coronary artery disease and diabetic nephropathy, while GSTM1 wild genotype seems to increase a risk of diabetic retinopathy.
Seven years ago, we said “Yes!” to a lifetime adventure called Marriage. 

Seven things we are grateful for today:

Our faith in God and the values that we share.

How much we adore each other. That after all these years we have remained in love and still find each other’s ways cute and adorable. That we are still cheesy and make an effort to surprise each other. 

That we are the best of friends. There’s magic in being the best of friends with your partner. We just have so much fun! Also, there’s so much respect that goes into a relationship when you treat each other as friends. 

That we have family and friends that support and love us. Our life together has been blessed by wonderful people around us. 

We are blessed in lots of ways, everyday and always. Married life isn’t always rosy but at the end of each day, there will always be something/s to be grateful for.

We share our passion for the things we love: travel, photography, food, books and writing.

Our hopeful dreams and positive outlook for the future. Brought about by a few challenges through the years, time has taught us to be resilient together. As a team, we learn our lessons and move forward together.


Seven years…what a great milestone. Thank you dear Husband for seven wonderful years. 🙂

An unexpected trip to the beach with friends on a Friday night led us to capturing this photo of us, freezing in the cold.  It was dark and windy when we got there but our loud laughter brought sunshine to the place.

Its moments like these when no matter how cold it gets, you emanate warmth from the inside because you are holding hands and hugging tight with the one who truly makes you happy. <3

There is no Math or Science, no exact formula to make it work…most times it just takes a good balance, letting ourselves go with the flow without compromising the values important to us.

Sometimes there are no reasons…just a lot of understanding, giving and taking.

There are shared moments…of milestones and defeats, of dreams and what-ifs, of tears and most importantly, an abundance of laughter. We never let a day pass without making each other laugh and making each other happy is a always priority.

There are moments when we let each other be…it could be anger, disappointment, frustration or a day when things aren’t going right—whatever the reason, we listen and hope that a hug will make things better (and it does!).

There are adventures…the travels that make us learn more about the world and of each other, the challenges that help us become better people.

There are times for daydreaming…of things we want to do, places we want to go, of seeing ourselves grow old together and still holding hands.

There is so much respect…for each other’s opinions, for when we both need a bit of space, for our individual growth. We always want to bring out the best in each other.

There’s a lot of trust involved…in God, in each other, in people we hold dear.

And of course, there’s friendship and love…our great foundations in being TWOgether. Everyday and always. <3

It has been crazy busy at work for both the Husband and I lately that we cannot afford to pack our bags and leave Sydney for a few days.  Going out of state would mean time to get things ready and travel back and forth.  At the moment, time for non-essentials are a scarcity.

So we decided to have a “staycation” (meaning: vacation at home or in the city you live in) in Sydney for two days and give ourselves a break from doing household chores and pretend to be tourists in our city.

Our home for two nights was near Chinatown.  We checked-in on Friday afternoon after work, dropped our bags and headed straight out to explore the lively streets of Haymarket and have dinner.

Dropped by World Square and checked out the shops there.  We saw our favourite Meiji Chocolates at Miracle Asian Supermarket.

Chinatown on a Friday night looks like this (see below) and how we love it!  It reminded us of Mongkok of Hongkong and Myeongdong of Seoul.  This main street in Chinatown becomes a street market from 5:00PM onwards every Friday. 

One of our usual hangouts in Chinatown is the DVD/CD store where we looked at DVDs or soundtracks of Korean Dramas.
The Husband captured my giddy reaction whenever I see a DVD or CD I like.

From our suking DVD store, we had dinner at where can i buy propecia in india then went back to Chinatown and visited the biggest Morning Glory store I’ve ever seen.

Some of the stuff I got from Morning Glory:  Banana Case, telephone-inspired hair ties and a pair of Elmo earphones.

Saturday, the Husband’s birthday, I took him to the buy propecia cream at Rozelle.  The Husband has a very sweet tooth and he loves to bake so I thought that going to Zumbo’s Lab would be a great treat for him.

I will write a separate post about our adventure at can i buy propecia in china, in the mean time, feast your eyes on the hundreds of Macarons that we saw at the lab.

Went back to the hotel for a nap (we woke up at 6am just to be at Zumbo’s Lab before 8am), then went out around two in the afternoon.  This time, we hung out at Pitt Street area.  Very late lunch of Burritos from where do you buy propecia and Pad Thai from where do you buy your propeciaat the Westfield Dining Precinct.

Followed by a good stroll outside Westfield.  Went in and out of shops, played at the Apple Store, took photos of street art and incidentally came across Mario and Luigi. 

A quick coffee break at dr reddys propecia buy (went back to Westfield Dining Precinct) before we attended mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral.

We had plans of going to Darling Harbour or The Rocks for dinner but changed our minds.  Instead of going to some posh restaurant, we bought take away KFC and went back to the hotel and had a quiet dinner while watching TV and just enjoyed being together.  Indulged ourselves with dessert of Zumbo’s Macarons and green tea.

Our decision to stay in even on the night of Chris’ birthday has brought us to a few realizations. Nowadays, we do treasure moments being at home, just having quiet nights, occasion or no occasion.  We appreciate traveling as much as we appreciate being in the comforts of our home.  We love spending time with relatives and friends as much as we love having moments to ourselves.  It’s all about balance especially when life is hectic with things to do, people to see and goals to accomplish.

On Sunday morning, we went back home and immediately faced the chores that await us but the two-night break we had, even if short, was uplifting and precious.

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