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This was the only bag of coffee we brought home from Manila. 

Sagada Coffee From Bo's

Since we’ve had a Nespresso machine, we limit buying coffee beans to just one bag at a time. Since we don’t drink coffee everyday, the supply of coffee at home had to be managed well so they don’t go stale. 

On my last day in Manila, I stopped by Bo’s Coffee to have a quick “me” time and bought a bag of Sagada Coffee to take home with us. I vacuum-packed the bag and only let it breathe two weeks ago. The aroma of coffee beans were heavenly the moment I opened it.

Sagada Coffee From Bo's

The good thing about coffee beans is that I get to share it too. I shared half of it to my friend so she can have a taste of Sagada Coffee. She gets to have the bag while I store the coffee beans in a glass container. The coffee-themed sticky note went perfectly well to what’s inside the container.

Sagada Coffee From Bo's

Something about Sagada:

Sagada is a place in the northern part of Philippines located in the centre of Cordillera region. It is a popular destination for travelers who are either thrill seekers or nature lovers because of it’s maejestic mountains and natural attractions. 

Sagada Coffee From Bo's

Sagada Coffee is part of Bo’s Coffee‘s Philippine Origins line which celebrates Philippines’ culture and great coffee. Drinking Sagada Coffee is a way to getting to know the place thru its flavour profile.

Sagada Coffee has a balance of sweet and nutty flavour with hints of chocolate and tobacco. I personally describe this coffee as “gentlemanly sweet”, a perfect drink on a lazy afternoon of leisure. 

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While we were away on vacation, Nespresso came out with their Limited Edition 2013 Grand Crus. It was fortunate that I was still able to get a box of each flavour (they came out with two) on the last week that it was available in Sydney. 

This year’s Limited Edition Grand Crus were inspired by Italy’s coffee culture with focus on its two coffee-centric cities, Trieste and Napoli. Having a cup of these limited editions is like being transported to the streets of Italy.

In general, I enjoy Italian coffee because of its strength, that’s why I’m glad that Nespresso came out with Italian-inspired grand crus.

Trieste. Has an intensity level of 9. A blend of Arabica beans from South America and East Africa. It’s rich aroma comprises of a fragrant chocolate and hazelnut notes. Has a silky body and refreshingly fruity touch.
Nespress Limited Edition 2013: Trieste and Napoli
_MG_12Nespress Limited Edition 2013: Trieste and Napoli54

Napoli. Strong and intense flavours from a blend of Arabica from South America, Africa and Asia and Robusta that gives a hint of smoky notes. It has a woody aroma and nuances of dry black tea leaf. This is slightly bitter as the beans were roasted longer. 

Nespress Limited Edition 2013: Trieste and Napoli
Nespress Limited Edition 2013: Trieste and Napoli
Between the two, I enjoyed Napoli better than Trieste due to its strong flavour. It may have tasted a bit more bitter than Trieste but I didn’t mind it. I only have a few Napoli Grand Crus so I’m savouring it best as I can. 
One of the reasons why I hesitated on buying a Nespresso machine before was because I thought that having one will limit me to enjoying just a number of flavours. I was wrong. Nespresso creates  a Limited Edition Grand Cru which appears twice a year, one in Spring and another in Autumn. When we bought a Nespresso U machine, we were able to catch their previous limited edition, the Crealto

Another thing I learned was that Nespresso also comes out with a Grand Cru known as Variations which is available towards Christmas. Last week Nespresso released their nutty notes: Coconut, Hazelnut and Macadamia Nut Variations so we visited the Nespresso Boutique in Sydney to try it out.
The Husband and I tasted the Hazelnut and Macadamia Nut and they were both delicious blends. We especially liked the Hazelnut Variations instantly as it was sweet, smooth and well-balanced. It was like eating a praline. The Macadamia Nut Variations has a subtle nut flavour and reveals a bit of citrus notes which makes it a refreshing drink.
We bought a box of each Variations (10 coffee pods per box at AUD$8.40)  and had the Coconut Variations at home. 

The Coconut Variations was a lovely blend. If you have noticed from past foodie entries, I have a thing for coconut and I’m glad that Nespresso did their Coconut Variations pretty well. The minute I placed its pod inside the machine, the sweet aroma of Coconut filled the room. 

I love the Coconut Variations as it was like I’m enjoying fresh coconut from the shell. It’s very reminiscent of my other home, the Philippines. It’s perfectly intense and rich. 

Each of the Variations are 100% of natural origin and contain only roast and ground coffees mixed with natural flavourings that free from food allergens. All the Variations Grand Cru are blended with the smoothness of Grand Cru Livanto and has an intensity level of 6 (on a scale of 1-10). They are only available for at least 8 weeks (or until supply lasts) so visit your nearest Nespresso Boutique or order online