Coffee Love

A worry of mine when I bought a Nespresso machine was we would get bored with Nespresso pods but I was wrong because (1) Nespresso comes out with Limited Edition and Variations flavours on a regular basis and (2) coffee, chocolate and tea companies are now coming out with Nespresso-compatible pods. It’s such a wonderful thing that some companies are coming out with their own pods as it means more choices for consumers like us.


Our recent visit at the supermarket led to a discovery of Grinders Coffee Capsules. Grinders Coffee is a well-known coffee brand in Australia. It is one of my trusted coffee brands along with Toby’s Estate and Campos.

Grinders Coffee is proud to say that they’re the first Australian cafe brand to come out with Nespresso-compatible coffee pods. They have five flavours out in the market:

ESPRESSO – Intensity 12 – Full Bodied Coffee with fruity, nutty notes and a long, smooth, earthy, finish.

ALTURA –Intensity 10 – A sophisticated blend of Arabica beans with an intense body, bright acidity, and a contrasting rich, floral chocolate notes.

CREMA – Intensity 9 – A Rich Smooth Blend of arabica beans, medium roasted to enhance the syrupy, citrus flavour and silky cream finish.

ORGANIC – Intensity 8 – A blend of intensity and character, organic Arabica coffee characterised by a fruity sweetness and bright acidity followed by a luscious deep chocolate fruit finish.

ETHIOPIA – Intensity 7 – A unique single origin heirloom coffee with aromatic floral fruit notes and complex long sweet finish.

At the time we were at the supermarket, only two flavours were on the shelf–the Altura and Espresso. We opted to buy the Altura because it answers to what my Husband and I love: an intense flavour of coffee with chocolate notes.

The Altura was deliciously rich and perfectly creamy when added with milk. It has very little bitterness and doesn’t have an aftertaste. It’s a great source of caffeine kick in the morning or afternoon.

Follow Grinders Coffee via their website for coffee updates and products.

It’s International Coffee Day so I shared this photo I took from The Grounds of Alexandria in my FB and instagram.
It’s such a cute coffee quote, no? I love quotes of coffee. A coffee blog I follow once shared a couple of coffee quotes…check “10 Coffee Quotes To Help You Through Monday” if you have time. From now on, I think I will take photographs of coffee quotes I see and make it part of my several photograph collections.

We often have Nespresso coffee at home because it’s just easier to prepare. So the coffee beans/grounds I buy or ones gifted to me, I bring them to work and that’s where I enjoy them. My current brew at work is one brought by my Mom from the Philippines.

Cordillera Blend
Kape Maria’s Cordillera Blend has a sweet and light taste. It’s made from Arabica Beans from the Cordillera region of the Philippines. You can get this coffee at Human Nature shops and thru their website.

This is my first coffee table book about coffee. It’s more special because my parents found this and gave it to me as a gift. 

Kapihan (A Celebration of Coffee is the Philippines) is produced by Nestle Philippines Inc. in 2007. It holds more than 150 pages of stories and attractive photographs of coffee. Nestle Philippines dedicated the book to all those who contributed to the success of Nescafe, from the hardworking Filipino farmer, the appreciative consumer and to the committed team of Nescafe professionals.
Kapihan: A Celebration of Good Coffee in the Philippines

The first part of the book contains stories on:
– the discovery of coffee 
– how coffee reached the shores of Philippines
– when Brazilian Coffee Institute asked Nestle to develop a product that could make commercial use of   coffee

Kapihan: A Celebration of Good Coffee in the Philippines

The second part of the book shares awareness on how coffee is created–from growing coffee trees, the science behind coffee farming to the system of selling coffee to traders. It also gives a peak at how coffee is processed in order to become coffee powder.

Kapihan: A Celebration of Good Coffee in the Philippines
The third part is an ode to why Filipinos love coffee and it is supported by the health benefits we get from drinking coffee.
Kapihan: A Celebration of Good Coffee in the Philippines

The next section of the book, “Coffee Recollections”, is a travelogue of sorts wherein people’s coffee experiences took me to Binondo, Bukidnon, Sagada and Cordillera. I learned how rich the Philippines is when it comes to places and skilled people that produce great coffee. 

Kapihan: A Celebration of Good Coffee in the Philippines

The last two parts of book contains recipes and other uses of coffees.  Some recipes include Coffee Adobo, Coffee Sansrival, Coffee Pannacota and Coffee Truffle.

Kapihan: A Celebration of Good Coffee in the Philippines

Kapihan is a gallery, album, storybook, cookbook, travelogue and repository trivia. It’s a great book for Filipinos and coffee enthusiasts as it heightens one’s awareness on coffee and makes drinking coffee more enjoyable.

The book Kapihan is available at Fully Booked (Philippines), priced at P1,125.00.

Three new Nespresso Grand Crus from the Limited Edition series are now unlimited. 

Every year, Nespresso comes out with limited edition Grand Crus which they offer for a few weeks. This time, Nespresso decided to make three limited edition grand crus as part of their regular offerings. They now total 19 Grand Crus.

The used the Livanto Grand Cru as their coffee and added three different flavours: Vanilla, Caramel and Dark Chocolate.
Vanilio. A balanced harmony between the rich and the velvety aromas of vanilla and the mellow flavour of the Livanto. A blend distinguished by its full flavour, infinitely smooth and silky on the palate.
Nespresso Unlimited Editions

Caramelito. The sweet flavour of caramel softens the roasted notes of the Livanto. This delicate gourmet marriage evokes the creaminess of soft toffee.

Nespresso Unlimited Editions
Ciocattino. Dark and bitter chocolate notes meet the caramelised notes of the Livanto. A rich combination reminscent of a square of dark chocolate.
Nespresso Ciocattino

All these three flavour taste really good. The Husband and I have been enjoying them for the past few weeks. My favourite flavour from all three is the Vanilio because of its sweetness and smoothness. Amazingly, I also love the Ciocattino even if I don’t link dark chocolate as its bitterness makes the flavour of coffee richer. As for the Caramelito, I thought it would be very sweet but it wasn’t, it was just right.

These three new Grand Crus have been available for quite sometime now so in case you haven’t tried it yet, check them out at your nearest Nespresso boutique or order online.