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Cherished Memories

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Grateful for the gift of another year…to live, love, pursue my passion & make my dreams into realities. Thank you dear loved ones for the well-wishes and for making me feel loved.

Virtually sharing my birthday cake with you. Cheers to a sweet year ahead!


So what did I do on Ibyang Day?

Woke up early to attend mass. Brunch at Coco Cubano. Did some grocery shopping. Napped in the afternoon. Cooked Korean Noodles for dinner. Facetimed with my parents. Chatted with a few loved ones over the phone. Replied to messages online. Just a quiet and simple day, really. No fuss.

The Husband turned 35 two weeks ago and I made sure he’s had a fun September. He’s not fond of making a fuss about his birthday but I made a bit of effort in making his month festive by doing little things here and there. I like seeing his face lit up whenever I surprise him with the things he love and enjoy.