Charmed Life of a Mrs

I’ve had a long week, a very challenging long week. I’m tired, my back is aching at the moment but I’m happy. Happy tired. Content and at peace.

I started my week with a very bad cold, fighting my illness with water. Tuesday came and lo, water isn’t doing much for me, so I had to take medicine. Inspite feeling dazed, I still met up with Hilda and watched Harry Potter the 5th with her. I slept over her place which did good because it wasn’t so cold where she lives. Wednesday and Thursday, I had fever but still came to work. It so happened that this was one of those important weeks in the office and I just can’t afford to miss a day at work. Friday, I was feeling better, no more fever, but still a bit dizzy with all the drugs inside my body. And to top it all, Friday became the most important day in my week as I had to make a “presentation” at 3pm. Imagine, that was my last hour at work! I thought the fates were playing a game on me. More about the “presentation” as soon as I know the outcome.

Saturday, I felt much better. No more drinking medicine! 🙂 I guess, I’m really charmed this week! I got a slot in the clinic to get my facial warts cauterized. My grandma, Tita Bess and Tito Andy was supposed to go, but the last minute thing that happened was Tita Andy had to work, so Tita Bess offered the slot to me. What luck! Although I wanted to stay at home and rest but what the heck? I got a spot and it’s for free! Oh well, the medicated creams aren’t but the procedure was, so yay! So now I look like I have 5 chickenpox sores on my face hahaha. No worries, it’ll be gone next week.

Sunday, today! My reason for having a backache was because I did housekeeping in my room for about 5 hours. My room still looks like a storage warehouse but it’s a decent warehouse :). I still have our kitchenwares and diningwares inside the room but it looks more orderly now. Plus, I was able to sort out stuff I don’t need anymore like documents, newspapers, magazines that takes a lot of space inside the cabinets. And I was able to organize my closet too! I feel so peaceful inside my un-cluttered room :).

The start of my week was bad. I was physically ill and emotionally tired of things going on in my so-called life. But with a lot of positive thinking, friends being there for me, my parents texting me almost everyday and my husband calling me in the wee hours of the morning just to make sure I’m still sane, I made it thru this week. In my darkest moments, my belief that things are still falling into place never wavers because I keep my eyes and heart open to the blessings that still come my way. Yes, there may be dark days but blessings still come to those who believe in the positive.

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Below is my online interview with Toni:

1. What is the best thing about being married?
The best things are always the simple things for me. Having a partner who supports my dreams (even if he doesn’t agree to my ideas sometimes), a best friend who listens to my happy chatter or lonely whims, a playmate who discovers new things with me, and a husband who assures me that thru good and bad times he will always be there to hold my hand.

2. What were your academic achievements?
Best in Deportment during Elementary years. Dean’s Lister in College.

3. If you were a kind of chocolate, what chocolate would you be?
I’d be a Lindt White Chocolate hahaha. Looks tough on the outside, but smooth and rich in sweetness on the inside.

4. What is one thing you know now that you wish you had known at age 16?
To always follow my heart and not be pressured by family’s expectations.

5. If you had super powers, would you be a hero or a sidekick? Tell us about your choice.
I’d be a hero because I am independent and don’t mind working alone.

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5:40am – My beloved from Dubai called for a short chitchat, according to him he was trying to get sleepy. We talked about some bank tsismis (we used to work for a bank in Makati but we’re updated with banking industry gossip because we keep in touch with our friends)–hah! What a conversation. Nag-tsismisan lang kami.

8:00am – I called my mom to say happy birthday! (i love you mommy, happy birthday again!). My mom’s itinerary today was to hang out at Megamall with my mother-in-law. Oh ha? Bonding ang magbalae. Very happy to know that my mom found a friend in Chris’ mom. I’m so blessed with a very kind and generous mother-in-law, she extends her love for me to my family. I’m so lucky to have her for a mother-in-law.

10:30am – My cousin Nicky from Japan called to tell me that he and his fiancee are fine. Due to a recent earthquake in Japan, the whole clan was worried. Thank God they’re unharmed. We talked for awhile, updated him with our plans of travel. If things go well in the future, we will visit them soon in Japan. *Sana, sana, sana matuloy talaga*

11:15am – My friend Larry called me because he was bored (haha). Usapang photography at videography naman ito. Entertaining and educational at the same time.

Don’t you feel so alive when someone calls you? I mean how many people really do that nowadays? Call you for no special reason???

This morning, I was feeling a bit sentimental because I’m not in Manila for my mom’s birthday BUT since I was able to talk to her and I received three calls today, I feel as if it’s my birthday too! 🙂 Today, these were my gifts.

On a lighter note, I also celebrated my mom’s birthday today–here in Sydney. On my way to work, I stopped by the grocery store and bought myself a Lindt White Chocolate (my most favorite chocolate in the world). I will eat my Lindt til tomorrow in celebration of our 6th wedding monthsary –double celebration, 1 chocolate bar! Cost-effective! 😛

In my own little way and in my heart, I get to celebrate with my loved ones even in spirit.

Had a wonderful lunch with J yesterday. J is my workmate from one of the provincial areas in NSW and she’s here this week for training. We did a lot of catching up because we haven’t really sat down and talked about our respective weddings.

When I arrived from Manila, she was very happy to see some of my wedding photos and assumed that seeing my photos were good omen. After a few weeks, her significant other proposed to her!!! 🙂 She had a beautiful wedding by the lake in May this year.

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