Charmed Life of a Mrs

Last Saturday, I spent a peaceful afternoon at the park where I alternately briskwalked and jogged, while taking snapshots of whatever that fancied me. The weather was beautiful (the sun was out!) so I couldn’t resist the temptation to bring a camera. There’s a big lake in the middle of the park where families feed the ducks and catch fish. Some kids just hang out at the playground. Some just hang out and lie on the grass. Mostly just walk and enjoy the fresh air.

For a change, I brought my camera and took lots and lots of shots. Let me share some here…

Woodcroft Lake

Waiting For the Fish to Come

Follow the Trail

A family feeding the ducks

Looking from the Outside

Almost sunset

Photos by Ibyang Sanchez
Camera: Sony DSC-W70

I got a package from my mother today—I got it early in the morning at the office. What a great way to start the weekend. 🙂

I needed a couple of documents from the Phils so my mom had to send a package to me. I requested her to include a Bob Ong book and Sarah Geronimo’s latest album in my little package–and she did! woohoo!!!

Thank you mommy! I started listening to Sarah’s CD at work today (I love it! It’s a good album, buy it, it’s worth it) and is currently playing while I blog, and I started reading Bob Ong’s book on my way home…I’ll probably finish the book tomorrow. Haha!

I’ve been lusting to have one of these…It’s called Hanbok, Korea’s traditional dress worn when attending social affairs and during traditional holidays.

I have simply decided before that if given the chance to have one of these Korean dresses, I’d gladly take the opportunity to have one. I once told my cousin that if I’d be able to go to South Korea, I’m really gonna buy a Hanbok. At least, should I need to attend a costume party, I’d have one already, and an authentic one at that. I really love how the Hanbok looks like as it is very colorful and seemed very ‘royal-like’.

Lo and behold, as I was going home on board a bus last Monday, I saw this in one of the shop’s window in Glebe….

So today, I left work early and went to the store to ask the owner if the dress is for sale. And it was. I found out that the Korean dress is authentic as the owner bought it in Korea a few years back when she went there. She’s a traveler and she buys clothes from places she’s been to as sort of a collection, but has now decided to manage a store and sell some of her pieces. She told me that she’s never worn the dress and was only used as decoration in her home. Twice, it has been rented for photo shoots but was well-maintained as she made sure she sends the dress to the drycleaners as soon as the photo shoots were over. I asked her, “Do normal people in Korea really wear this?” And she said, “They do, but only on special occasions like Thanksgiving day.” So meron din palang Thanksgiving day ang Korea.

I was awed by her stories about the dress because it does have its history and value, all the more that made me want to buy it. I asked her how much, it was a bit steep but in my mind, it was indeed a good find because it’s really genuine. Not bad for a very good piece of authentic clothing.

I ended up bringing the dress home. It’s beautiful, i love it and it’s mine!!!! 🙂

On my way, home I realized I should buy an authentic Baro’t Saya when I visit the Phils next time. Wow! I feel like the owner passed on to me her way of collecting memoirs from places she’s been to. I think I’ve been charmed!

I was blessed by three beautiful charmed women today.

Chloe, one of the first friends I’ve met here is going back to Sydney—for good! She transferred to Brisbane last year due to work and finally she was able to find work here in Sydney, so yay!!!! I’m really soooo happy about the news. She messaged me yesterday that she will be arriving over the weekend so I called her this morning to confirm the wonderful news. Oh how I’ve missed her. I can’t wait to hang out with her and catch up with stories about our lives. She’s one friend that never forgets and I love her for that.

J is back in Sydney for training so we had lunch together at our favorite Japanese resto in Glebe. It was the usual chitchat about married life and about the things we did in the past, places we’ve been to, just about life—nothing about work. It’s always refreshing to hang out with her, so many things to learn from her. A very charmed woman who has been thru a lot but still very positive about life.

Melissa, our Acting Senior Project Officer for two months, gave a wonderful surprise to the team today. When I arrived from lunch, I found this on my desk…

It was a long-stemmed sunflower! She gave everyone on the team a piece, her way of saying thank you to all of us for working hard under her supervision in delivering our training courses. Her acting position ended yesterday as the new Senior Project Officer arrived today. She’s one of the people I really really like at work because she never forgets to acknowledge you whenever you do something for the team. She’s also the same person that treated everyone to Krispy Kreme doughnuts for Friday afternoon tea. She’s really one sweet appreciative woman.

So what did I do with the sunflower?

Since I didn’t have a flower vase, I took a paper cup from the pantry and put water and voila! My improvised vase hehehe.

Before leaving for work today day, i sent Melissa a thank you email:

Hi Mel,
Thank you for the flower!
It made my day 🙂
A 🙂
One of our Ninongs gave a speech during our wedding reception and he was kind enough to hand over to us his speech, which he had typed on paper, before the wedding celebration ended. I’m sharing it here on my blog as I want to immortalize his inspiring words that night.


Good evening to everyone.

Chris and I were together in the Marketing Support Division of East West Bank, not so long ago. I know Chris to be a quiet, humble and very talented person. We were fortunate to have him in our group because he surely made a lot of things easier, with his creative talent in producing our marketing communication materials.

Chris kept true to form with his being low-key and soft-spoken, because I didn’t even know that he was courting Ivy, who at that time was holding office in a different building across Makati. And boy was I surprised when I learned that they were already on and dating. I guess Chris’ being quiet, humble yet effective in getting things done (just like how he got Ivy), manifested how the rest of us in Marketing Support Division were like–low-key, but hardworking.

Chris’ and Ivy’s love for each other has surpassed the test of time and distance being so far away from each other for over a year. Here are two people, whose love for each other even became stronger to the point of committing their lives together in Holy Matrimony, in spite of being separated from each other. Perhaps the secret to this is the foundation of their love, which started from friendship and their longing for companionship.

This reminds me of what my son said in his tribute to his Lolo (my father-in-law) last December when his Lolo celebrated his 90th birthday–and I quote, “A sage advice that was given to me once about love was to pick a suitable partner to be your companion for the rest of your life. A pretty face inevitably sags, and sexual passion inescapably cools down. Yet friendship and companionship grow stronger with time. Maybe the secret to attaining old age, achieving long marriages, and even beating disease is having a good companion.”

To Chris and Ivy, congratulations and best wishes. May you share a very long life together in wedded bliss.


(Ninong) Ferdie La Chica