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I love scents.  If I’m not practical, I’d probably have a collection at home but I moderate in buying them because I don’t want scents to expire.  I only keep about a few bottles of perfume that I will use for a year and a half.  I’ve observed that perfume/cologne smell different and their colours change between a year and a half to two years after opening a bottle. 

I’m currently alternating five bottles of perfume at the moment.  Five being the manageable number for me as some days I get out the door forgetting to spray some on.  Other than perfumes or EDTs, I still wear cologne on some days.  

How I Choose My Scents
My favourite scents are on the sweet side as I discovered during my teenage years that sweet scents work well with my skin chemistry.  I sometimes choose scents with a hint of floral or fruity notes but a sweet note is always a requirement for me. 

Whenever on the lookout for new fragrance, I drop by the shops, smell a bottle or two then choose one to spray on my wrist. From then, I’d take note how it smells on me, how long the scent lingers on my skin, how strong it is, whether people can smell me from afar. I don’t like it when people can smell me far afar. I’d like to be seen first than smelled first. I appreciate a heavy scent but one that gives out a charming, dainty vibe.

Currently On My Vanity Kit
The scent that tops my list is the Jean Paul Gaultier Classique. This bears a strong, heavy scent which combines fruity and floral scents of orange, peach plum and ylang ylang to name a few. Even if heavy, I sense a powdery scent which makes it feminine. Just two sprays and it will last me from morning ’til night. If I am asked what my signature scent is, this always comes to mind.

Beauty Stash: Scents I Wear

My next favourite is the Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. For me this is the right balance of a  heavy and sweet scent which also works well with my skin chemistry.

Beauty Stash: Scents I Wear

The Nina by Nina Ricci is what I’d call a delicious scent. It’s a combination of citrus, floral and fruity scents of lemon, bergamot, mandarin and moonflower plus the sweetness of red toffee apple.

Beauty Stash: Scents I Wear

FCUK was something I discovered when the Husband gave me this a few years back.  It changed the way I feel about floral scents (I used to stay away from it) as I learned that some floral scents can have a sweet note too.  This one has a good balance of both floral and sweet scent and again works well with my skin chemistry.

Beauty Stash: Scents I Wear

This is the most floral  and lightest scent I own at the moment.  Calvin Klein’s Eternity Moment is light and refreshing, perfect for daytime.

Beauty Stash: Scents I Wear

I’ve come to realize that the scents I love are of the things I also love like toffee, apple, powder, orange, peach and mostly are food! At least it seems that even in perfumes, my choices are consistent (hahaha).

What are your favourite scents?

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If you are a Filipino, you would know that family and friends would usually ask, “Ano ang gusto mong pasalubong?” whenever they are coming to visit or travelling from somewhere.  And whenever I am asked that question, I always think, “Hmmm, Ano bang meron doon na wala dito?” 

So when my aunt asked me what I want from America, my answer was, “Something from Bath & Body Works, please?”  And then I emailed her a list of my preferred items from the store.  And yes, you read it right, we don’t have Bath & Body Works here in Australia.

Thanks to my aunt, I now have a few bottles of Bath & Body Works to last me awhile.

The Cherry Blossom Body Mist and Cherry Blossom Body Lotion from the Signature Collection.  The body mist a is refreshingly light floral scent of Cherry Blossoms and makes me think (and smell like) Spring. The body lotion moisturises the skin with the help of  Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E. 


I love sweet scent of Vanilla so I also asked for the Black Raspberry Vanilla Shower Gel and Black Raspberry Vanilla Body Lotion.  The shower gel has aloe vera and Vitamin E that leaves the skin smooth and pampered after every bath.  Like the Cherry Blossom Body Lotion, the Black Raspberry Vanilla Body Lotion has Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin Oil.  Other than keeping my skin hydrated, these two gives my skin a sweet fruity scent all day.


Having Bath & Body Works hand gels are always a treat. I sometimes forget to use hand sanitisers now that I live here in Australia, but having these around is helpful all the time.

Happy 1st day of Winter!  

It’s my 7th Winter in Australia and so far my body has adjusted to the very cold weather.  The first two years were the hardest but I got used to it eventually.  

When I moved here, I only care to regularly cleanse my face.  I don’t like putting moisturisers on because I have oily skin and thought it might cause my face to break out.  However, my skin went very dry come cold season so I had to ask help from a facial care centre.  

Their best skin care tips were:
(1)  It is important to have a regular skin regimen.
(2)  One can find skin care products that won’t cause the skin to get too oily or pimple break outs.
(3)  Learn the habit of putting moisturisers and sunblock on as early as possible to avoid skin dryness, premature wrinkles and sunspots.
(4)  Drink lots of water all the time to hydrate skin.
(5)  Moisturise everyday.  I used to have this idea that I should only put moisturiser on when I have dry skin or during cold season only but I was advised otherwise.

I have since followed their advice and found skin care products that make my skin better.  Now that I’m in my 30s, I’ve seen a few changes in my skin and thought it’s time to be more vigilant in moisturising.  I have always used cream moisturisers but recently I discovered the wonders of using oil.  

Here are my top 5 favourite oils:

Rosehip Oil.  Considered the miracle oil that contains Omega 3, 6 and 9, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, it minimise the appearance of wrinkles and scars.  Regular use results to smooth skin and dramatically improved moisture levels, leaving skin radiant and glowing. I love it because it is lightweight and non-greasy.  I use it as a base before putting anything on my face.  Even if I put a layer of cream moisturiser/sunblock/foundation on my face after putting rosehip oil on, it doesn’t get oily.  I’ve used it for two weeks and my acne scars seem to be less visible.  This is so far the best oil I’ve used on my face.  

Argan Oil/Moroccan Oil.  I used this as a skin moisturiser before I discovered Rosehip Oil.  This is an all-around oil that can be used for the hair, face and body (it can even be used for cooking!).  It is high in Vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant.  Now that I have Rosehip Oil to do wonders for my face, I use this mainly for my hair because it keeps it soft, non-frizzy and silky.  It also prevents my scalp from being itchy and dry.       

Tea Tea Oil.   I call this my “Healing Oil” as this is my go-to when I have pimple break outs and dandruff.  I love it’s soothing feel.  Although the Husband teases that I smell like a tree whenever I put this (usually at bedtime), I don’t care.  I wake up with my skin healed which is the most important thing.

Palmer’s Moisturizing Body Oil.  After a bath, I apply this on my damp skin to lock in moisture.  It absorbs quickly and softens my skin preventing it from being dry.  This oil is light but I feel the richness of its formula on my skin that I sometimes get away with not putting lotion anymore.

Johnson’s Bedtime Oil.  This is my usual body oil when I take baths in the evening.  I also use this as an alternative to applying lotion at night.  The smell is wonderfully relaxing and induces me to sleep.

Now that I’ve found oils that bring out the best in my skin and hair, I feel more confident surviving not just the winter season, but every season of every year.

I first saw The Face Shop when I vacationed in Manila but it was only when I traveled to Seoul that I found interest to shop there because in Seoul, they give away a few freebies and samples.  When we passed by one of their branches near our hotel, they were giving free gifts if you purchase a certain amount.  I decided to try their lipstick and blush and they turned out to be good products for me.  In return, they gave me a bottle of Rice Water Bright Make-up Remover and lots of sample sachets from their moisturizing line.
It was only in Sydney that I got to use the Rice Water Bright Make-up Remover they gave me and I love it!  My skin loves it too.  Other than removing make-up, it moisturizes my skin, keeps it soft and doesn’t cause me any break-outs.  I don’t even have to wash and moisturize my face anymore after I’ve used it at night. 
I believe there is a branch of The Face Shop somewhere in Sydney but since I work in the city, I couldn’t be bothered looking for it.  Thank goodness for online shopping, I get to buy my Korean make-up and cleansers online.

A few weeks back, as I was running late to meet up with the Husband in the city, he called me and said, “Guess what?  They’ve opened a branch of The Face Shop in Townhall”.  What joy!  And what a relief to have a branch so accessible to one of the train stations we frequent.
The endorsers of The Face Shop:
Kim Hyung Joong (from the KDrama Boys Over Flowers and Playful Kiss)
Park Min Young (from the KDrama City Hunter)
Now that I have access to The Face Shop, I can try out their other products which I find reasonably cheaper than other brands. 
Customers are welcome to bring home posters of Kim Hyung Joong so I got a few to give to my mum and whoever may like him.  See how massive the poster is (below)…spell HUGE hehe.
Speaking of trying something new from their store, I bought the Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam last night.  I figured since I’m already using the make-up remover, why not try the cleansing foam too.  I love it as well.  I easily felt that my skin is simultaneously being cleansed and moisturized while I use it.  It doesn’t make my skin oily too.
If you would like to visit The Face Shop, it is located at The Galleries Victoria (500 George Street, Sydney).

Last weekend, I alloted a few minutes sorting our my lipsticks and lip glosses.  The last time I de-cluttered all of my make-up was in March but I thought I should re-visit my lipsticks and glosses once again and throw away some which I think may already be expired. 

I de-clutter my make-up every six months for two reasons:
(1) to make sure that I don’t put anything on my face that is already expired
(2) to remind myself that I have enough supply because sometimes when I go to the shops and find good deals, I get tempted to buy new make-up when I don’t really need it.

According to what I have read in articles online, lipsticks and lip glosses should only be kept for one to two years from the time you used it.  If you forgot when you bought your lipstick, throw it out when it smells rancid.  That means, it is spoiled and should not be used.  Lipliners last up to three years.  For lipliners, they could last from three to five years.

Nowadays, I’m going for having minimal stuff and would like to cut down on purchases that I don’t really need and adds clutter.  My de-cluttering last weekend resulted to throwing out three lipsticks and three lip glosses.  I feel good having just the reasonable amount of lip essentials to cover my needs.  

After de-cluttering, I now have a reasonable amount of lip essentials that should last me for awhile.

My Lipsticks (from left to right): 

The Face Shop’s #7 and #10.  One of my great finds when I travelled to Seoul.  I found that their lipsticks doesn’t dry my lips and glides smoothly when applied.

Magic Lipstick from Mercury Drug.  A cheap find of mine.  Just a small amount and I’d have very red lip colour for hours.  

Clinique’s Bamboo Pink, 27 After Party, Raspberry Glaze and 12 Read-y to Wear.  Clinique is my favourite lipstick because I always it easy to find colours that suit my skintone and their lipsticks doesn’t make my lips dry.

I used to buy pink and orange lipsticks but what currently I do is combine one of my red lipsticks with my nude (The Face Shop’s #7 and Clinique’s Bamboo Pink ) lipsticks and voila!  I am able to create a new customised colour. 
Fashion Fridays: Lip Colour,  Care and Tips

My Lip Glosses: Nivea Cherry Kiss and Clinique’s Bamboo Pink, Kissy Fit, Mystique, Air Kiss, Juicy Apple and Bonfire.  I buy a few lip glosses for moments when I need some lip shine.  

Fashion Fridays: Lip Colour,  Care and Tips

My Lipliners: Siren by Australis and Fleur by BeBe.  I don’t use lip liners all the time because I forget that I need to use them! I only have two: a red shade and reddish brown shade.

Fashion Fridays: Lip Colour,  Care and Tips

Care for my lips during the day: Carmex and Burt’s Bees.  I could never live without a lip balm.  There are days when I’d forget to put colour on my lips (even at work, I forget to put lipstick on) but always I will have lip balm on.  I hate having dry lips.  I never thought I’d find a good lip balm for me until I found Carmex and Burt’s Bees.  Carmex is the best for me, hands down.  I love Burt’s Bees too because of it’s cooling sensation to the lips.

Fashion Fridays: Lip Colour,  Care and Tips

Care for my lips during bedtime: Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and Lucas’ Papaw Ointment.  These two are found on my bedside table because I won’t be able to sleep without putting anything to moisturize my lips.  I alternate between the two depending on my mood.

Fashion Fridays: Lip Colour,  Care and Tips

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Pucker up and have a great weekend!

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