I value my quiet moments
as much as I value
being with
those I love.

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Personal Reflection:

As a wife that juggles several roles (sometimes, even in just one day), life can be pretty overwhelming. It is of normal occurrence that a friend would tell me, “You are always on-the-go” or “Ang dami mong racket/gimik! (you have a busy social life)”. And I agree, I do have an active life. Other than being a wife, I manage a home, have a full-time job, I have relatives and friends that I regularly see and parties that I organize with them, I blog and maintain friendships online too, I read a book and watch TV everyday, my parents and I talk on the phone every weekend (one to two hours) and my husband and I have our projects (photography and graphic design) as well. I have a full life and I’m happy that everyday, I’m productive as I can be.

Do I get tired? Yes, once in a while I do get tired. But almost always, being with family and friends and doing things I love, never really exhaust me. They are actually the source of my joy and adrenalin.

However, I have one big secret that I will share with you—and that is how I’m able to manage my time well and not end up exhausted with all my activities.

On top of all the things I do on a daily and weekly basis, I’m able to allot time for myself (that’s why I sometimes blog about my “Me” time). Time for myself is a sacred, sacred, sacred thing. I have my daily quiet times and I have my weekly “Me” times.

A few years back, doing all the things I love made me feel very tired and sometimes I hated going to work. Then I learned about the value of having quiet moments and having “me” times. It did wonders to me physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually when I started allotting time for myself on a daily and weekly basis. Nowadays, I rarely experience PMS or get depressed and I like going to work even on a Monday.

Here are some ways I’m able to have my quiet times in day:

1. I wake up a few minutes before the alarm and just stay in bed for awhile. Eyes still closed, I’d say my morning prayers and count my blessings.

2. In the afternoon, I’d sometimes have an extra 30-40 minutes of walking. I get to de-stress and exercise when I do that.

3. I go home early and have a quiet moment at home while cooking dinner and waiting for my Husband to come home from work. The first 15 minutes that I arrive home, I spend sitting down while I sip a glass of warm honey lemon juice or a glass of wine.

4. On Fridays when I’m off from work, I spend a few hours at a cafe, have a cup of coffee while I write on my journal.
Those are just a few usual things I do to achieve a more balanced and stable spirit. You can be more creative and adjust the activities so that it’ll suit you more.
The best thing I learned in having quiet moments is that I never run out of energy to fulfill my duties, I’m more at peace and I’m able to give more quality time for others.
Wishing you all a great week!

Do you want to make posters of the things you believe in or things you want to remind yourself all the time?

Let me share with you one way of making virtual posters online thru the Keep Calm and Carry On Image Generator.

What is “Keep Calm and Carry On”?
Keep Calm and Carry On was the third in a series of World War 2 posters drawn up by the UK Ministry of Information in order to boost the morale of the British people by passing on a message from King George VI. The posters were a stark white text on a red background, with the only image on the poster being the royal crown of George VI.

The first two posters, “Your Courage, Your Cheerfulness, Your Resolution will Bring Us Victory” and “Freedom is in Peril” were widely printed and distributed. However, the third poster, which carried the simple message “Keep Calm and Carry On” although printed, was never distributed, as it was intended only if invasion was imminent.
At the end of the war, the posters were collected up and pulped. It is believed that only two original posters out of a print run of over a million survive to this day.

The story would have ended there were it not for Stuart and Mary Manley, who run a bookshop called Barter Books in Northumberland. Whilst sorting through a box of old books, they found one of the few surviving original copies of the ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ poster. They liked it so much that they had the poster framed and placed near the till in their shop.

They soon found that customers were very keen on the poster – even to the point of asking if they could buy it! So, Stuart and Mary started selling and printing facsimilie copies of the poster. The rest, as they say, is history…
In the nine years since 2000 the poster has become world famous, having been mentioned in news articles, on TV and having been seen in many disparate places from country pubs to the Houses of Parliament.

For more on “Keep Calm and Carry On”, you may continue reading here.

So this was what I did yesterday afternoon when I arrived home–made my own virtual posters via the Keep Calm and Carry On Image Generator.

I made a poster for when I’m feeling overwhelmed with so many things to do or if I need patience in dealing with something…

I made one that will give me courage, inspiration and that extra push to make things better not only in my life but also in others…

Third and last (for now), I made a poster of one of my Ibyang-isms and my most favorite affirmation…

I had so much fun doing these virtual photos. One day soon, I will print some of them and place them on my office desk or maybe post one poster on our refrigerator door. I might even make a poster for our bathroom! hehe.

Later, I will make funny quotes that will give me an instant cheer. For now, these three posters will do.

Thanks to Yasmine for sharing this “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters in her blog.

Why don’t you try it? Click this: Keep Calm and Carry On Image Generator and share your virtual posters on your blog. Let me know if you do so I can visit your site.

I am
ALWAYS waiting to HAPPEN.
All of us are instrumental in making miracles happen ALL the time. If viewed at a learning and positive perspective, our every endeavor or adversity is an opportunity for us to make a miracle happen in our lives and in other people’s lives. This affirmation is a good reminder that unhappy circumstances may be blessings in disguises so let’s face our challenges with a proactive and faithful attitude.
I was able to compose this affirmation in August when I learned that I am once again facing a health-related challenge in my life. Having health concerns is never easy. There is that initial reaction of surprise and fear. There’s also my concern for loved ones whom I know will worry for me. But with faith in God and lots of support and love from family and friends, my fear has turned into excitement…excitement to get well.
Six years ago, I had to undergo a major operation and that experience has taught me to live each moment as if it were my last, to enjoy and just “be”. This time around, as I face another major operation, my greatest lesson is to always look for blessings in disguises and that every turning point in my life–whether good or not so good–there is a miracle waiting to happen so I can share more with the people I love.
This week, I face a very challenging situation in order to be healthy again and I am confident that everything will be alright. Thank you to everyone who called, emailed and messaged me. Thank you for wishing me well, for your prayers and good thoughts which inspire me very very much. See you when I’m back from the hospital.
Have a great week!

Affirmation for the week:

Today is another chance for me to

make a difference in my life

and the world.

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Everyday is a gift to make our lives better than it was yesterday. Every new day is an opportunity to make things right, to make things good…and to make the world a better place. It doesn’t have to be grand. Sometimes it only takes a positive thought, a hug, an encouraging message or even just a smile and you can make your day and someone’s day brighter. The important thing is that we made today a little more worthwhile by doing a little act of kindness.

Good Monday morning and have a great week ahead! Smile!!!