I am


A statement so simple and yet so true.  Whenever in doubt, facing insecurities or losing some sense of self-worth, utter this powerful affirmation and truly believe in yourself.  Believe in yourself because you are worthy!

You are worthy to…
               receive and give love
               be happy
               be blessed with great things in life
               experience true love and friendship
               be made a priority of loved ones
               showered with attention and care
               be offered opportunities
               show and share your talent to others

               pursue and make your dreams come true

Face your challenges with confidence.  Outgrow self-doubt and believe in yourself all the time.  Never believe people who tell you otherwise.  You are worthy!

I’ll avoid worrying 
and face my fears 
one at a time

Personal Reflection:
Worries and fears take a toll on our body and spirit.  These two things are normal in our everyday lives but it is never healthy when we indulge with worries or fears all the time.  

As adults, we sometimes wish we can go back to days when we were young and more carefree–when life is so much simpler.  Whenever we look back at those days, we laugh at ourselves for worrying about the trivial things.  But then, during those times, they weren’t trivial at all.  Our worries and fears then were very real and important to us especially when we overcame them because they defined us to be what we are now.

Nowadays, our worries and fears are of bigger scale as we have more responsibilities.  Now that we’re older, we have more complicated wants and needs, more goals to achieve, more people that we care about.

Until now, I still haven’t found the right formula to avoid worrying and feel fear.  There are moments when I feel anxious about things. There are moments when I need a loved one to tell me, “Everything’s going to be alright.”, in order to restore belief in myself and have more faith.

Whenever I have moments of uncertainties, I draw strength from my faith and loved ones who give moral support.  In moments when my mind seems to be filled with noises of insecurity, I listen more to people and learn inspiration from them.  Whenever an adversity presents fear in me, I accept that it is normal to feel fear and that something good will come out of it.  When I feel fear, I use that as a way to look for a better perspective and an opportunity to change.


Facing My Fears
Amber Johnson

Now you see me in the dark
the dark that pulls us apart
you see what you fear
and now everyone begins to disappear
this world holds so much hate
in this world what is fate?
Sometimes we do not know what we fear
but we know it nears
and I of all people will rise
and I will learn to be wise
nor will my fears push me away
nor will I die today
I will not run from it anymore
it’s time I open the door
and all those that I love
are going to know I’m coming above
I now will be able to sleep at night
knowing that I don’t have to fight
this is the first step of being free
I have no right to hold up so much greed
and no matter where, when, or how
I just know it’s time to do this now
its time that I let the light in
and stop running from something so thin
I do not know where I will go
but I know I’ll leave in a flawless flow
this is where my life is bound
it’s time that my inner self is found


You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’  – Eleanor Roosevelt

When I am very busy, I remember to take things
one step at a time.
Personal Reflection:
As I write this, I’m savouring the last few hours left of my week long holiday.  The week that had been was a good balance of rest and recreation.  It was a week that I was able to spend time with family and friends thru parties and coffee dates.  It was a week of re-connecting not only to loved ones and most importantly to myself. 
As we all know, holidays aren’t always enough but I choose not to think of the longing for more days of leisure.  Instead, I look forward to going back to another busy week at work tomorrow.  I know I have a huge week ahead of me but I trust that this affirmation will help remind me to take one step at a time…one task at a time to ticking off responsibilities that need to be done.

Have a great week everyone!   Take it easy, breathe and smile!

P.S.  You might be wondering why I put up a very relaxed photograph when I’m talking about being busy.  My message behind this photograph is that even if we are too busy with so many things, there is, still and will always be, time to relax…to take a step back and breathe.   🙂


My mind and heart are always focused on the present
as I do every task
one at a time,
calmly & kindly,
as it arises.

Personal Reflection:

The past week, I have had several challenging moments in my life. And the challenges are not yet over. I will be facing a few more in the coming weeks. There are so many things to do at home, work and outside of work. I am taking each day as it is and just enjoying every moment as always. What always motivate me is the thought that this too will pass and when it is over, I come out of each challenge with invaluable lessons.

Last week, I learned that surrounding myself with a lot of love helps in going thru every challenge I’m in. Love for oneself. Love from family. Love from friends. Love for one’s passions in life. These four things saved me (it always does!)…LOVE. When things seems to be overwhelming I have enough love in my life to weather thru challenges thrown at me. I’m grateful.

I face another busy and challenging week this week. Other than love, I hope I will have enough focus, peace, calm and kindness in me in order to fulfill my duties.

I wish you a great productive week! Smile!


Blogging will come to a slow halt for the meantime as some things need to be prioritized at the moment. I have so many stories I’d like to blog about (events, recipes and food finds!) and I really can’t wait to share them with you. I won’t be gone long.

I won’t be totally missed. Part of the things I’m finishing is the updating of my photoblog. I’ve currently uploaded some April photos. I’m hopeful that in two weeks, it will be up-to-date.

I will also check-in the blogosphere from time to time. You can find me tweeting for some random thoughts and photos I would love to share immediately.

See you when I get back!


I create abundance in my life
thru the
power of
my positive thoughts.

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Abundance does not only refer to material wealth. It most importantly refers to some things in our lives that cannot be measured by money: family, friends and passions in life.

While I agree that financial wealth is important in having a comfortable life, I believe, more than ever, in having a positive outlook in order to create an overflowing of abundance of love from family and friends and fulfillment from the things we love to do.

Sending you an abundance of positive vibes and wishing you a great week!