Follow your bliss. Only a three-word phrase but a powerful reminder that encourages us to follow the calling of our heart and soul.

IMG_2987Personal Reflection:

Being consistent is key. If we pursue our passion, we must also encourage other people to do the same. Share the positive energy instead of bringing other people down.

Celebrate other people’s milestones. I feel blessed whenever I learn that a loved one has achieved his/her goal. Happiness is contagious and knowing that they’re happy makes me believe in the good that the Universe brings.

Isolation  is not a bad thing if balanced with communing with others. We all have our own creative pursuits and sometimes, it takes solitude in finding one’s inspiration. I have a group of people that I sometimes meet up and talk about my interests but I value the time when I isolate myself from all the influences of things and people around me in order for my creativity to flow.

If you love what you do, you wouldn’t mind having bad days. No pursuit is ever perfect. No great love is ever without challenges. The bumps on the road teaches us a thing or two. If you love what you do, you know that it’s all worth it.

Practice and persevere. If you want to be good at what you love doing, practice makes it (almost) perfect.

Love and commitment are two of your best values, the fuel to chasing your dreams.

Have faith. Lots of it. Pray that you’d be guided on the path you have chosen.

Follow your bliss, especially if it brings out the best in you.



Every morning, I allot at least 10 minutes for reflection. Sometimes I’d just sit and be grateful for the quiet. Other times, I’d have a phrase or word I’d reflect on and jot down my thoughts and feelings. Hence, this is where I mostly get my personal reflection which I share on the blog.

I’ve written this affirmation a long time ago and since then, I’ve made it my manifesto. 

Live in the moment and enjoy being.

“My concept of ‘Being’ means embracing whatever life brings you…it may be joy, sorrow, pain, hardships—the key is to cherish it (even if its painful) and learn from it. We honor our joy, we might as well honor our pain too. Life is so much sweeter when you know you’re able to go thru happy or sad moments with no shortcuts.”

– an ibyangism i learned when i moved in Sydney and found out that life is more beautiful when you have gone thru cherished tears.

Last weekend, I got inspired by the Happy Quote Book and decided to make variation of my “Live in the Moment” manifesto.

Discovered Inspirations: The Happy Book
Discovered Inspirations: The Happy Book

Live in the moment and be happy. 

Wishing you all a great week ahead!

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I will surround myself with positive people, 
energy and images.

My Indoor Plant called PEACE LILY

Personal Reflection:
Being exposed to (too much) negativity is draining.  Negative energy can suck the life out of you and doesn’t help one bit if you are already feeling sad or depressed.  While I understand that each of us may need some down time or time to wallow because of what may be happening in our lives, it is important that we have a certain consciousness in keeping the blues at bay for the sake of our health and well-being.   

I’ve had my share of bad days once in a while but one of my biggest learnings in keeping myself together amidst having the blues is to surround myself with positive energy whether it be from the company of loved ones or doing something I love.

Here are some of the things I do in order to avoid negativity in my world:

I choose the company I keep.  Being with people who do nothing but complain and see negativity in everything is exhausting.  I know people who do these all day and I have nothing against them as that is there personality–they have every right to be what they are.  But I can only tolerate negativity up to a certain extent so I choose my friends wisely.  I love spending time with loved ones who exudes positivity as well.   

I have dates with my girlfriends.  I always tell my friends that they are the food to my soul.    Whether it is in person, by phone or virtual chats, I try to spend time with my girlfriends on a regular basis because their presence simply makes me happy and sane.

I filter out and I tune out.  With the accessibility of the online world, it is so easy for negative vibes to reach you.  Nowadays, I seldom check in at Facebook because I’ve read a lot of negative shoutouts on a daily basis there (I mentioned to a friend before, “Ginagawang bulletin board ang FB ng kung anu-anong issue na hindi naman na dapat isapubliko.”).  In twitter, I unfollow tweeters who makes bashing on people a habit.  At home, the Husband and I filter and regulate what we watch on TV.  When we have long days at work, we tune out completely–we don’t watch news on TV and don’t engage in social networking.  We didn’t set up this rule though.  It kind of just happened that we want to come home to a pleasant and cheerful home.

I surround myself with images that are life-affirming, optimistic or inspirational.  In general, I like seeing pretty things because it simply makes me happy.  At home, you can see photos of our travel on display to remind us of our happy adventures.  I have a Peace Lily plant at the office and recently I bought the same plant for our home (see photo above).  It has become one of my favourite plants because like it’s name, I feel that it brings peace and joy. 

I do the things I love.  When one is pre-occupied and productive, there is little time to invite bad energy.  I believe my good days has always outnumbered the bad days because I spend my time doing the things I love.  I have a job that I love and outside that, I write, I read books, I take photographs, I travel, I take long walks, I love spending time in the kitchen, I have dates with the Husband regularly and I pray.  These are moments that normally make up my day that gives me a sense of fulfilment. 

I de-clutter.  Clutter, litter and dirt are negative stimuli.  I’m not claiming that I’m the most organized person in the world, but I try to make my world as orderly as possible.  At work and at home, I try to practice getting rid of things I don’t need so as not to accumulate clutter.  

I have my regular “Me” times.  I don’t know how many times I’ve written about having “Me” times but here is this topic once again.  I can never stress how important “Me” times are for me and for the Husband. I’m grateful that I have a partner who is very generous in giving me the space I need whenever I need it.  

How do you surround yourself with positivity?

Enjoy the week ahead!

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I will wear my blessings well

Wearing your blessings well doesn’t mean you have to brag about what you have.  Sharing your achievements in life doesn’t mean you lack humility or you are a show-off.  When done sincerely, basking in the blessings given to you is a way of honouring God’s presence in your life and embracing the abundance God has blessed you with.  

I’ve been inspired by Joel Osteen’s thoughts on Wear Your Blessings Well and I thought this is worth sharing.  

Deuteronomy 28:2 says, “All these blessings will come on you and accompany you if you obey the Lord your God.” God is a rewarder of those that seek Him. When you keep God first place and do your best to honor Him, blessings always follow obedience. That means you will come into increase, promotion and good breaks you didn’t necessarily deserve. When blessings come, God desires that you wear His blessings well so you can be an example of His goodness and display His greatness to others. This means you are quick to give God the credit when credit is due. This means instead of feeling guilty for being blessed, you are thankful for His blessings and receive them with gratitude.

 Let God make an example of what it means to live a blessed, prosperous, abundant life through your life. We are His great representatives here on earth! Don’t hide what God has blessed you with from the world. Learn to let God’s goodness shine brightly in your life each and every day and wear His blessings well.


Here’s another worthy read: some key points from Joel Osteen’s talk on Wear Your Blessings Well

When you’re blessed, the haters come out. When you step up to a new level, the backbiters show up. When you wear God’s blessings well, don’t be surprised if it draws jealousy out on people . But we got to get to a point where we say not arrogantly but in all HUMILITY, “I’m gonna wear God’s blessings well in spite of who doesn’t like it. I’m gonna take this promotion in spite of who gets jealous. I’m gonna wear this beautiful material blessings in spite of who gets envious. I’m gonna drive this brand new car in spite of who criticizes. I’m gonna move in to this nicer neighborhood in spite of who judges me.

Life is way too short to worry about what everybody things.  If friends get jealous and judge you and are critical, you need some new friends.  Because true friends celebrate you.  True friends encourage and cheer you on.  True friends are happy when you succeed.

People may criticize. They may judge you, they may find fault.. but they don’t know what it took to get to where you are. Some people come in at the end of the movie and they see you blessed, and prosperous and healthy, and sober and free and happy and they want to judge you and criticize. But the problem is, they missed the 1st part. They didn’t see the sacrifices you’ve made. They didn’t see the struggles that you endure. They didn’t see the battles that you’ve fought. The times you felt like giving up but you kept pressing forward. The nights that you stayed up and prayed and believed and gave and served. They didn’t see the price that was paid to get you to where you are. And that blessing may look free, but the truth is it cost you something.

Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for the favor, the honor, the peace, the victory that God has given you. Somebody paid the price. Seeds were sown. That is God honouring your past, faith, your sacrifices, your faithfulness. Don’t hide your gifts and blessings God gave it to you. People are always gonna talk. That’s their problem not yours. If you will always wear your blessings well.. BEING QUICK TO ALWAYS GIVE GOD THE CREDIT, then there’s no limit to where God could take you. He’ll make you an example of what it means to LIVE A BLESSED, PROSPEROUS, ABUNDANT LIFE.

If you want to watch the video, please click this link.


I will make
my life

one of my simple joys--being on-board a ferry
One of my simple joys on my birthday (22 Jan 2011)…a ferry ride!

Personal Reflection:

Now that I’m older, I base my decisions on consequences that will make my life easier and simpler. 

Nowadays, I stay away from situations I know will bring complications and stress into my everyday living.  I don’t mind being stressed as long as I know it will result to something productive. 

I spend my time with people and moments that will make me happy.  Time is precious so I choose wisely on who I want to spend it with and what to do during my spare time.  I don’t want a complicated life so I don’t like spending time with complicated people.  Life is so short to be spent in negativity.

I embrace technology if it will make work and managing the home more productive and time-efficient.  If it’s a product that will truly help me and my Husband in having a quality life, why not?

Simplicity is not just  a matter of wanting the simple and inexpensive things.  I believe it is more about one’s mindset in life.  For me, being simple means “un-complicating” things in life.  I believe it’s about making smart choices in order to have a stress-free life.
Have a great week, everyone!