So this is what happens before the sun sets at the Sydney Opera House.


Ahhh, the Aussie Life. The laidback lifestyle.

We have what we call “beer-o-clock” because it’s a normal thing for an Aussie to drop by a pub or bar after work and have a drink before going home.  This people-chilling-after-a-work-day scene happens anywhere in Australia, especially on Fridays. Beer-o-clock starts from 3pm–yes it can be as early as that for some people.

The Opera Bar, the bar/restuarant underneath the Sydney Opera House is a popular spot to many, Aussies and tourists alike. The place has one of the most scenic views in Sydney, with the two famous icons, the Opera House on the right and the Harbour Bridge on your left. Who wouldn’t want to relax in this scenery?


The Friday that we were there (before our Beethoven Nine concert), we passed by the Opera Bar and saw that there was a band playing. So other than the view and catching up with friends, you can also enjoy listening to live music. I just don’t know if there’s a band that performs everyday so better check out Opera Bar’s website and click the Entertainment section for details.


Other than drink and eat, one can also walk around the vicinity of the Sydney Opera House (SOH). Some people hang out by the steps of the SOH with their coffees with them.



One can go up the 2nd-level balcony of the SOH and from there you can see the Harbour Bridge in full view.

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It’s an amazing sight especially on a day that’s about to end.

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