The Universe gave us a beautiful Sunset on the last day of Summer.


And just like that, we are now transitioning to Autumn. *sigh*

What is really that quick? Temperature wise, we will still have warm days until end of March. But mornings and evenings have been cool-ish since last week. The days are getting shorter. We wake up at 6am and it’s still dark. There is a need to bring a cardigan or a light jacket now because we might need it for when there’s a change in weather. This morning, I woke up and it was dark and cool (at 15C degrees) and I thought, “We’re doing this again???”. “This” pertaining to getting ready for work when instead I would like to stay under a warm blanket and sleep some more. Not complaining. Just thinking that it’s all too soon.

On the other hand, I felt an excitement for the cold to come. It was in the past Summer when I realised that it is not my favourite season anymore and there were days when I felt that the heat was too tiring as it drains one’s energy. Funny thing was, we actually had a pretty good Summer. We didn’t have days of endless heatwaves, instead just a day of very hot weather here and there. We even had rain on some days. So I think the Universe was very considerate of us this time. I do hope that the next Summer will be as good.

Moving on, I see a very heartwarming Autumn as it will be filled with a lot time spending with family and friends. The Hubby and I are looking forward to an exciting and fun-filled season.

Have a lovely Autumn! Let’s all stay healthy as we transition to cold weather.

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