We don’t celebrate Valentine’s nor give gifts to each other…but the Husband did something silly for Valentine’s Day.


His gifts came with a pink Pandora jewellery box.  Apparently, you get one of these when you purchase a certain minimum amount from 29 Jan-14 Feb. The size is perfect for travel! Just the jewellery box alone made me very happy.


One of the Husband’s V-day gifts were a pair of Cherry Blossom earrings in 14-carat gold. I already have a set of Cherry Blossom earrings and charm but they are in silver. I’ve always wanted a Cherry Blossom jewellery with more value and these pair of gold Cherry Blossoms were perfect. It is something I can wear everyday.


Hubby’s second Pandora gift, the Korean Doll charm. So adorable! I love the details of the headdress and Hanbok dress that the doll is wearing. 

IMG_2617 There is an advantage to having a Pandora bracelet and that is, it becomes easier for a loved one to buy you something on special occasions. While I don’t expect that the Husband will always give me a charm on every event, I shall cherish each and every one that he has given me and will give me in the future.