It’s been a year since our Japan travel and since then, we’ve adapted a few things we learned from Japanese culture in our lifestyle. One of which is drinking Matcha Tea. In one of our foodie experiences in Tokyo was dining at Uobei, a 105-yen sushi train restaurant in Shibuya where they had little hot water faucets individually placed in front of each guest so you can make your own Matcha Tea on a limitless basis. We’ve always been fond of drinking tea but it was only in Japan where we learned to love drinking Matcha tea. So we bought Matcha Tea from an online store called Kenko Tea, a shop based in Melbourne but gets their Matcha from the Nishio region of Japan.

We bought a Japanese Matcha Tea Set from Kenko Tea which includes a 30gram-tin of Premium Grade Matcha Green Tea, a hand crafted traditional matcha bamboo whisk and bamboo matcha tea scoop. The bamboo whisk, also called “chasen”, is used in traditional tea ceremonies and it’s ideal for used to bring out the froth and creaminess of the matcha tea. The bamboo scoop measures the correct amount of tea you need which is roughly 1 gram.


The vibrant colour and fragrant smell of Matcha is always a treat. The Husband and I usually have a cup of Matcha during morning or afternoon tea whenever we’re at home. One of these days, I shall bring some Matcha tea at work as it’s a great alternative to coffee.

_MG_5301The fun part is always whisking the matcha tea to achieve a frothy and smooth consistency.


Kenko Tea’s Matcha tastes sweet and creamy. I’ve always thought that matcha is known to have a bitterness taste but this matcha isn’t bitter. The taste of this matcha reminds us so much of the matchas we’ve tried in Japan–fresh and revitalising.


The best thing about drinking matcha is that it’s very healthy. Here’s a list of benefits which I borrowed from Kenko Tea’s website:

  • Boosts metabolism (which aids in increased fat burning)
  • Increases focus and alertness (without the caffeine jitters you get from coffee)
  • Enhances energy levels naturally (with no ‘crash’ like other stimulants)
  • Off the charts antioxidant levels (more than any other ‘superfood’)
  • Calming yet energising properties (due to the L-Theanine / caffeine combination)
  • Supports your immune function (from all those antioxidants)
  • Aids meditation practice (matcha has been used by zen monks for centuries)
  • Super high levels of HGCgs (antioxidants known for their cancer fighting properties)

Check out Kenko Tea and learn more about their products:

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