It was good timing that while we were in Kyoto last year, one of my good friends from college (Hello, Contre!) recommended that we buy some Yatsuhashi Cookies, a cinnamon-flavoured cookie which is famous in Kyoto, Japan.  I’m very fond of cookies so naturally, we bought a box to take home to Sydney. The Yatsuhashi was sweet and the cinnamon smelled so good. It was a great partner for tea and coffee.

A few weeks back, I stopped by MD Ranking, a Japanese shop in the city and was lucky to find that they have a few boxes of Yatsuhashi cookies in store. I found a box with Yatsuhashi cookies covered in green tea, chocolate and strawberry coating.


Ohhlala! It’s like heaven in a box!


They looked so pretty, right? And the taste? Addicting! The green tea, chocolate and strawberry coating gave added flavour to the Yatsuhashi cookies. My favourite was the green tea coating–I can’t stop eating them!


They are a bit pricey but then it’s a nice treat once in a while…at least I don’t have to go to Japan to enjoy them. They are not always available in MD Ranking as it depends on what is delivered to their store. Hopefully they will re-stock soon.

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