I started my love affair with Korean beauty products in 2011. It all started with a curiosity for BB Cream. One night, I checked out online articles on BB Creams and a few days after, I finally decided to purchase my first BB Cream. In 2012, I wrote about the things I learned about BB Cream, why I’ve come to love them and enumerated the BB Creams I’ve tried.

In 2013, I went back to Seoul and bought several Korean beauty products I wanted to try. Seoul is beauty haven! It’s considered one of the best places in Asia for cosmetic shopping. In an article I’ve read, Korean women start taking good care of their skin as early as 9-years old while another article shared their 10-step skincare routine.  In shopping areas, they have streets all lined up with cosmetic shops, it was like candyland for women. The best part was getting a lot of freebies whenever you make a purchase. After our last visit in Seoul, my make-up kit has been taken over by mostly Korean brands.  Here are a few products I took home with me from my travels in Seoul and shopping in Sydney:

Skin Moisturisers. My first few choices for Korean moisturisers were Etude House’ Collagen Moistfull Sleeping Pack & Eye Cream and Nature Republic’s Acqua Cream. I bought all three products in Seoul and was able to use them during two Summer seasons. They’re gel-based moisturisers and perfect for warm season as the formulation is light._MG_5414

Make-up. Since I don’t wear eye make-up and rouge all the time, I only chose one eye palette from Etude House, a powder blush from The Face Shop and lip and cheek tint from Nature Republic. The eye palette from Etude House has the basic colours that one needs. I brought this with me during travel for the past two years. I’ve got two eyeliner pencils from a little shop in Strathfield (Koreatown) which I picked up because they were only $5.00–very cheap but stays on for hours. The make-up I bought were all affordable (and I think I even got them on sale), stays on for a few hours and doesn’t make me break out. The powder blush for The Face Shop is handy and one that I use when I need to wear make-up at work. The Lip and Cheek Tint from Nature Republic is a favourite. It’s easy to apply and gives you that glowing, dewy look. I find it best during Winter time as it adds a bit of moisture to the skin.

Make-up Brush. I only got one, the Etude House’ Duo Fiber Brush. It’s a versatile brush that you can use for the applying blush on the cheeks and highlights on the forehead, nose and chin.

BB Cream. I bought three BB Creams in 2013: Etude House BB Cream Cotton Fit, Skin Food Good Afternoon Berry Berry Tea and Skin Food Aloe Vera. Last year, we had a stop-over in Incheon Airport from Tokyo, I hastily bought another tube: Skin Food Mushroom Multi-Care BB Cream. I used the Etude House BB Cream Cotton Fit and Skin Food Good Afternoon Berry Berry Tea in 2013. From last year til now, I’m alternating Skin Food’s Aloe Vera and Mushroom Multi-Care BB Creams. I like Skin Food’s BB Creams because they are easy to apply and blend, gives good coverage, doesn’t make my skin oily and break out.

_MG_5362 copy

CC Cream. Stands for Colour Correcting to address skin redness. I bought Tony Moly’s Luminous Baby Aura CC Balm late last year when it went on sale. It works as a primer, moisturiser, bb cream, pore filler and luminous effect. This gives good coverage for hours and doesn’t make my skin oily. The cream is easy to apply even without the use of a sponge.


 Cleansing Oil. I only learned how to use cleansing oils two years ago. I learned that using them before I wash my face with a cream/foam cleanser and water makes my skin cleaner. I use BB/CC creams as a foundation and they are easily cleansed with the use of cleansing oils. I started with a bottle of Etude House’ Real Art Cleansing Oil. This one has moisturising ingredients which is perfect for Winter season. The formulation is quite heavy, almost sticky but easily rinses easily off with water.

Facial Mist. I bought a bottle of The Face Shop’s Pure Water Facial Mist (Jeju Marine) just for the sake of having a try at it. While I’m not “in-like” with the product, I did find it useful when the air is so dry because it adds moisture to the skin.


Lipsticks. I have more than enough! Since I wear lipstick everyday at work and whenever I go out, I accumulate more of these than any other cosmetic. My favourites are from Nature Republic and Skin Food because they don’t dry my lips and they have a delicate fragrance. I also have one lip pencil from Missha which I use once in a while. I usually go with pink to red colours because they suit my skin tone._MG_5381

Face Masks. I hoarded them because they last from 12-24 months. Most shops have them on sale ($1 per pack) too. The ones I get are mostly with moisturising benefits.  I try to have a “face mask session” at least once a week but I always forget. Sometimes, I’d only get to do this once a month. Putting a face mask on gives my skin that extra moisture and it makes me feel like I had gone thru a “little facial treatment”.


Complimentary Gifts/Samples. I got tons of free samples during our 2013 visit in Seoul. Sometimes they give several samples even if you only bought a piece of cosmetic. Beauty shops are really generous when it comes to trying out their product. It is thru these samples that I get to discover a product that works well with my skin like the Aloe Vera Foaming Cleanser from Skin Food. They also come in handy during travel.


I love Korean beauty products. They’re affordable enough not to break your budget. Their formulations seem to suit Asian skin like mine. If you’re in the state of trying out another cosmetic product, I highly recommend checking out a few Korean brands in the market.

Your turn:

What Korean beauty product do you currently like and use?

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