One of the gifts that the Husband gave me last year was a leather camera strap. It was one of those “no occasion gift” but special just the same.

 I consider it special because he had my name engraved on it. I once wrote about KAWA Pro Strap and after its successful run via Kickstarter, it is now a full-on business managed by our friend John Fick. The leather strap that the Husband gave me was a black KAWA Xplorer. It’s a versatile and fashionable partner to my Lumix GM1. I can wear it around my neck or tie it around my wrist. It’s the perfect strap for travellers and street photographers with small to medium-sized cameras. The leather that John used was light so it doesn’t add too much weight to your camera.
KAWA Xplorer
Interested to know more about KAWA Pro Gear? Check our their sites to inquire or order:

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