A specially-made Levant dessert called “Knafeh”. Find out what it is and where you can get them in Sydney.


This was one of my favourite foodie experiences in 2014.

I saw fellow IGmates posting their appreciation for a dessert called “Knafeh” during the one of Sydney’s food festivals. After that, I followed Knafeh Bakery‘s instagram account as they visit a local Sydney area for a certain period of time via a 6-metre shipping container, bringing the Knafeh closer to patrons. It was lucky that one of the places they visited was Parramatta, which was a few suburbs away from mine.


Based from previous visits, they stay in one area for about two weekends, opens Thursday to Sunday, from 6pm til late. So on the second Saturday that they were in Parramatta, the Husband and I arrived at Batman Walk for some very late afternoon tea.


 So what is a Knafeh?

Knafeh (pronounced ku-na-feh) is a traditional sweet of the Levant.  It is made of sweet cheese semolina pudding with a fine crumbing mixture on top that is baked crisp to create a crunchy, crumble coating with a hot, oozing centre. It is served with crumbled pistachio topping and doused in sugar syrup.



It was such a delicious treat! Perfect for tea or coffee. The sweetness was just right while the crunchy top layer and stringy cheese gives your mouth gives that additional flavour and texture.



A few tips:

  • Follow Knafeh Bakery’s social media accounts to know where they will be serving their Knafehs
  • They don’t serve drinks so bring your preferred beverage with you.
  • They sometimes partner with a cafe who will sell their beverages alongside with the Knafehs but this doesn’t happen all the time.
  • Be prepared to line up because there can be a crowd when you get there. Don’t fret! The Knafehs come out quick so it doesn’t take too long to get a hold of your order.
  • Be prepared to sit anywhere or stand up while you enjoy your Knafeh. This is basically street food so it is as laidback as it could get.


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