I’ve been following the “ Becoming Minimalist” website and their facebook page for some time now. Their tips and stories are a source of inspiration for living a simple and minimalist life. In this time of technology and social media, it’s easy to get tempted with online purchases or be influenced by other people’s lifestyles. The things they share online are good reminders for someone like me who aims to live a simple life or anyone who gives value to a life of simplicity.

Below is a poster they shared on FB, which has become one of my favourite manifestos:

Manifesto For A Simple Life

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 Below are a few good reads from their website:

Find Hope. Give Hope.

Surround yourself with people who speak confidence in your life. Nurture relationships with optimistic people who have overcome trial and hardship. Remove people from your direct sphere of influence who discourage you, trample your creativity, or who are so self-absorbed they never help others. Instead, seek people who inspire and believe in you.

The Latte Factor: 8 Ways We Overspend

A list of 8 common money leaks.

7 Reasons That Keep People From Getting Started

Reasons that keep people from taking this first step towards living with less.

 Not Just The Outcome, But The Process

Recognize the importance and the joy in your present activity. Be mindful in every moment and each step of the journey.

 Don’t Buy Stuff You Don’t Need

Owning fewer possessions means less cleaning, less organizing, and less financial burden. It brings freedom, clarity, and opportunity.
When we eliminate the distractions of excess stuff, we gain the freedom to dive into life, deepen our relationships, and discover our full potential. And that’s what’s so great about being a minimalist.
Happy Monday!


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