This is one cute find online: a water bottle with a built-in fruit infuser. It’s a very creative design and I love it.

Asobu Water Bottles

I use  a glass container for my Lemon & Cucumber Water but this water bottle by Asobu is a great addition to our water bottles at home. I like that I can easily put my choice of sliced fruits/veggies in and out of the nozzle. I love that I have an exclusive bottle just for my Lemon and Cucumber Water.

Asobu Water BottlesThe bottle is made of plastic (BPA free and dishwasher safe) and has a sturdy handle.  I love that I can easily carry this bottle anywhere I want to go. I can let it dangle on my treadmill while I work out.

Asobu Water Bottles

The water bottle’s brand is Asobu and I found it thru an online site, Ozsale. It was on sale a few weeks ago and it’s currently on sale again. Check them out if you want this bottle too. It will be on sale on Ozsale until tomorrow.


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