Our favourite Bibimbap restaurant in Seoul sells Kimchi in a jar…and I’m so glad I found one in the nearby Asian supermarket.


Bibigo is Korean restaurant which we frequented when we travelled in Seoul last year. They are known for their delicious Bibimbap where they let you create your own buy choosing which rice, meat and sauce you like.  Other than serve food, they’ve created various products that you can enjoy at home such as dumplings, fermented sauces, soup, stew, etc.

Why I love Bibigo’s Kimchi:

Its spiciness doesn’t overwhelm, just enough to enhance the flavour of your main dish. I taste a balanced flavour of salty and sour with every bite. The cabbage are cut in small squares so it’s easier to pick with my chopsticks and chew.

Where I found Bibigo’s Kimchi:

I found this jar of Kimchi at G&L Supermarket (17-21 First Avenue, Blacktown). However, they don’t have these on the shelves regularly. As of this writing, they are currently out of stock. I suggest you check out other G&L Supermarket branches, Tong Li Supermarket or Hanaro Mart Strathfield. This could also be found other Korean grocery shops in Sydney Metro.


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