I seem to be getting involved in a few unplanned meet-ups lately. Mid-week, my girlfriend, Chloe, messaged me that she’s on the early roster (read: early out from work) and can meet up for coffee after work. I immediately replied, “I’m free Thursday afternoon! I want to check out this Korean cafe in Pitt Street called “Caffe Tiamo“. Let’s go there, please?”  And being the nice friend that she is, Chloe responded on the affirmative. Yay! It was set then.

We met up at World Square and walked our way towards the cafe which was actually just across the street. We were so engrossed with catching up while we were walking that we went the other way haha. Very funny.

Anyway, we finally got there only to realise that I’ve passed by Caffe Tiamo a few times before. It had an inconspicuous facade with its small entrance. From the outside, it can be mistaken as a take-away cafe but once inside, it was spacious enough for guests to dine in. They also have a courtyard at the back part of the cafe should you wish to dine al fresco. It was a warm day yesterday so we opted to for a table on the loft area.

We like the Korean vibe inside the place. Chloe even asked if the place is similar to the cafes I’ve been to in Seoul and indeed it is similar as it had cute interiors such as book shelves and plants decors.  The ambience made us feel like we were in a garden.

P1300337 resized

Caffe Tiamo

We came here specifically for their Bingsu/Bingsoo (Korean dessert made of shaved ice with fruits, mochi, etc). I’ve been craving for a bowl of Bingsu for some time now because of the warm weather so when I learned about Caffee Tiamo serving Bingsus, I knew I had to try theirs. Their most liked Bingsu is the Honeydew & Melon Bingsu (Honeydew & Melon Snow Ball) but since I’m not very fond of Melon, we decided to get the Cookies & Cream Snow Bowl which was cute and delicious at the same time. The Cookies & Cream Snow Ball was made up of Oreos cookies (crushed and cut into quarters) on a bed of shaved ice, topped with vanilla ice cream, little mochis and two wafer sticks. Chloe and I really enjoyed it.


Cookies & Cream Snow Ball

Chloe had tall glass of Matcha Frappuccino which was creamy and had a generous topping of whip cream.


Matcha Frappuccino


Matcha Latte

While I had something warm to partner with our Bingsu, a Matcha Latte which had the cutest latte art. I squealed in delight when the staff served me my matcha latte. It was soooooo pretty. It took awhile before I took a sip. I enjoy my Matcha Latte as it creamy and not too bitter even if I only added a teaspoon of sugar. Their Matcha wasn’t as strong as compared to other cafes so if you want a stronger matcha flavour, I suggest you tell the staff how you prefer your matcha drink.

We discovered that Caffe Tiamo isn’t just a coffee/matcha/dessert place. They also serve a whole range of meals to enjoy from breakfast to dinner. They also serve cocktails! We decided to order a bowl of Chips.



When the Husband arrived, he ordered the Tiamo Burger and he shared it with us. That was our dinner that night. The burger was cooked tender and juicy. It tasted like Longganisa (Filipino Sausage)! It had a sweet and pepper-y taste.


Tiamo Burger

Their servings were big enough to share. One day soon, we plan to come back here again to try their pasta and pizza (we saw other people order them and they looked mouthwatering).

Thank you, Chloe! 🙂

Unplanned coffee dates and a good conversation with a great friend in a cafe that serves delicious food = Love!

Caffe Tiamo

374 Pitt Street, Sydney


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