I just had an amazing long weekend with three of my closest friends at a healthy resort up north. This getaway took awhile to happen. For years, we’ve always dreamed of having some time off together, just us girls. 

When we finally decided to do it, the planning was easy, flights and accommodation were booked in just two days and we were all set. 

For three days, we found refuge in a healthy spa in Byron Bay where we ate healthy food and enjoyed activities that stretched our muscles and soothe our bodies. The big bonus was being with friends whom I never tire of talking and listening to; women who inspire me with their wit and warmth.

A special thank you goes out to our families for letting us do this. For taking care of the home while we are away. It’s never easy going away especially on weekends but our family supported us. 

I’m filled with so much love, gratitude and strength from the healthy journey I had with dear friends. The weekend reminded me to take care of myself more and to always surround myself with positivity. It was an experience of finding my core once again. I’m very grateful. 

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