Here’s another discovery in that little Japantown at Regent Place: a ramen house!

Tenkomori Ramen House gets very busy during peak hours because of their affordable food choices. The food tastes average and plentiful. I think they’ve got the cheapest ramen in Sydney which starts from about $8.00.
Karaage Tonkotsu Ramen
Chasu Tonkotsu Ramen
On a cool night, the Husband and I decided to hang out at Regent Place and have some ramen for dinner. The place was already packed and it was only 6pm. We each had a bowl of ramen with tonkotsu broth; his topped with karaage (chicken) and mine with chasu (thin-sliced pork belly).

The noodles were firm while the taste of milky broth had a subtle pork flavour. It was a bit bland and had less oil compared to other ramens we’ve tried. However, the karaage and chasu made up for the lack of flavour from the broth. So in way, I found balance in it (pwede na rin!). Plus, they’ve got condiments on the table to help you (salt, pepper and chili). For the price, I didn’t really complain. It was good food that was simple, filling and very affordable. It gave us warmth and satisfied our craving for ramen.

Tenkomori Ramen House
Ground Floor, Regent Place
501 Georgt Street, Sydney
Open from 11:30am-11pm, 7 days a week

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