Be with someone who will chase sunsets with you.
– my Ibyangism on sunsets and things that matter to you

I love sunsets. I love them for their beauty and its spectacular colours. It’s part of my everyday to look up and appreciate the sunset wherever I am. I have chased sunsets in every travel we’ve been. I even plan a part of our travel just to see sunsets in a certain place. I’m so glad the Husband always indulges me with my sunset quests. He plans our sunset chases with me and takes as many beautiful photos to amuse me. 

A few weeks ago, the Husband and I went sunset driving. We were driving on the highway, listening to our favourite songs and outside my window, the sunset was amazing.
Be with someone who’ll chase sunsets with you. Be with someone who’ll chase your dreams and passions with you. Be with someone who’ll support and share the things you love to do. If it’s important to you, it will also be important to one who holds you dear.

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  1. Laurabelle29

    Ibyang, I have been away from your blog for so long due to life challenges ( but many blessings too), but now I am back and happy to see your sweet nature and encouraging posts once again. This post was especially wonderful to read. I really like how you take such great pleasure in the little things and spending time with the ones you love.

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