This was something I picked up during our visit in Manila last year. I plan to share my other beauty finds when we were there but for now, I believe these  Human Nature products deserve its own blog feature. 

What attracted me to Human Nature products? It’s organic, reasonably-priced and has pretty packaging. I also like that they have a great website where you can learn about their company and products and shop online too. 

These are the products I’ve tried so far:

Calming and Rejuvenating Massage Oil. I suffer from frozen shoulder (stiff shoulders due to cold weather, lifting heavy items, computer stress, poor posture, etc) during cold season and I found that massaging oil on my shoulders and back helps in preventing this to occur. I massage some oil on before bedtime and it keeps my shoulder and back warm at night. I like the smell of both variants, it really calms and rejuvenates, and at the same time moisturises my skin. 
Beauty Stash: Human Nature Products
Natural Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner (with Soothing Aloe). I’m not very lucky when it comes to organic/natural shampoos and conditioner because sometimes they still make my scalp dry. Thankfully, these ones from Human Nature feels gentle to the scalp. I noticed too that I have less hair fall when I use these. 
Beauty Stash: Human Nature Products
Sunflower Beauty Oil. I’ve read on HN’s site of the many uses of this wonder oil before deciding to buy it. I love this oil and I’m so glad I gave this one a try. I use it as a moisturiser before bedtime. After a few days of use, I noticed the size of my pores have minimised and my skin has become less oily. My breakouts have lessened too and it brightened my skin. I normally use a different moisturiser during Summer season but even if this was made of oil, it’s still perfect for Summer as it’s not sticky. It’s the perfect moisturiser for the whole year. 
Beauty Stash: Human Nature Products
If you’re in Manila, visit one of their stores (locations list) or if you would love to do some online shopping for natural beauty products, check out Human Nature’s website (

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