Our photographer friend, John Fick has launched a project on Kickstarter called KAWA Pro Strap and is currently working very hard so that he’ll be able to share his product worldwide. If you are into good quality products, please head on to his page and help support his project. Being a professional photographer, John’s KAWA Pro Strap was made with an ergonomic design that is durable and stylish. KAWA Pro Leather is made Genuine Leather designed by Professionals. All beautifully crafted by a Master Artisan, built for Comfort, Style and Durability.

KAWA Pro Gear showcases a perfect modern style for the new breed of professional photographers who want to look their best. Leather camera gear that gives you simplicity with functional design.
Its unique features include:

  • Comfort – The only genuine camera leather strap that is built for comfort. With Ergonomic Design that conforms and adjusts to any body type for an excellent fit.
  • Modern Style – Made for simplicity with fashionable and sleek design.
  • Durability – A Camera Leather Strap reinforced with unique materials for durability and lasting quality.

Visit KAWA Pro Strap on Kickstarter and make a pledge not later than 12 Febuary 2014.

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