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I have received a few emails from AWCL readers asking for must-visit places when in Sydney/Australia. I have written about a couple of places I’ve visited in Australia in the past years so I guess the ones who have only known AWCL recently, they might have missed these blog posts. Now that my Mom’s here and we’ll be visiting a few places in Sydney, I will share each of our day-out here on the blog. 

Whenever my parents visit us, their only goals are to spend time with family, take leisurely walks around Sydney and eat good food as often as they could. So for my Mom’s visit this year, we make sure we take her to favourite places and let her enjoy her favourite food.

Our first day-out was at Sydney Fish Market. We were blessed with wonderful weather. The sun shone brightly but it was breezy so we ate by the wharf and enjoyed some fresh seafood. 

Why We Come Here?
The Sydney Fish Market is a seafood lover’s haven. Sydneysiders and tourists flock this place to have a taste of Australia’s freshest seafood produce. We come here to indulge in the freshest and afford seafood in the city and enjoy a view of the wharf.
Best Time To Visit:
Weekdays and early mornings. There are lots of people during weekends and public holidays.

Bank Street, Pyrmont NSW 2009

How To Get There:
You can catch the Metro Light Rail from Central Station, Haymarket or Darling Harbour to the Fish Market stop which is located across the road from the Market. Services run every 10 – 15 mins from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm (12:10 am Friday & Saturday) from Central and 6:00am to 11:20 pm (12:30 am Friday & Saturday) from Lilyfield.

You can also catch the Bus Numbers 501 and 443: 
501: Bus service departs from outside the Sydney Electricity Building, on the corner of George and Bathurst Streets, and Central Station every 20 minutes during weekdays and every 30 minutes on weekends. Passengers disembark on the corner of Harris Street and Pyrmont Bridge Road. The Market is a five minute stroll down Pyrmont Bridge Road.

443: Bus service departs from outside the Queen Victoria Building every 20 minutes during weekdays and every 30 minutes on weekends. Passengers disembark on the corner of Harris Street and Pyrmont Bridge Road. The Market is a five minute stroll down Pyrmont Bridge Road.
Here a few snapshots of our Sydney Fish Market visit:

Seafood Platter for two for me and my Mom included 2 Battered Barramundi Fish, 2 Oysters Kilpatrick, 4 Battered Prawns and Chips. 
Be mindful of your food when you’re at the wharf as these Seagulls will steal your food with their quick demeanour. Here they are waiting for people to throw some food at them.

Grateful that some of our friends took the day off and have lunch with us.

It was a wonderful day to be at the wharf. After we ate, we just sat there, talked and relaxed for the next hour. 

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This is something worth checking out when you visit one of where can i buy propecia in australia‘s branches. 

The Malt and Teaser Cake is made up of chocolate sabayon mousse, almond malt dacquoise, malt bavaroise, vanilla creneaux, almond praline feuilletine. 

It’s like eating a giant Malteser only that the inside is made of delicious malt and good quality chocolate. It’s very rich but it’s not as sweet as I thought it would be. The crunchy outer covering and the smooth core provided a balanced texture. I could easily finish this in one sitting but I split this in two so I can share it with the hubby. 

Do you have any interesting food find/s lately?

This foodie adventure happened in September in celebration of the Husband’s birthday. We had a quiet birthday celebration for him but on the week of his birthday, we took Friday off so we can have some “us” time. 

Like our usual Fridates, we took this chance to try out a different restaurant. There are a lot of restaurants at best place to buy propecia in Sydney that we haven’t tried yet. We have eaten at a Vietnamese Tuck Shop called buy propecia boots and can you buy propecia at boots once and our favourite buy propecia brand is one that we frequent but we have barely scratched the surface when it comes to trying out the other restaurants there. 

This year, we noticed a new Japanese restaurant called Yebisu Izakaya. The colourful facade looked young and hip. The atmosphere inside was cozy and casual. 

We came a few minutes before noon and easily got a place to sit. The iPads on each table made ordering food easy with a just a tap of your fingertip. The name of the food, description and amount are clearly written on the tablet. 

We started of with something to refresh us. The Husband got his Asahi Beer while I enjoyed my Green Tea Mojito. The lime and mint in it was so refreshing!

They offer lunch specials so we both got a set each. The Husband’s Pork Tonkatsu Lunch was juicy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. It came with a generous siding of rice, salad, a little bowl of tofu and sashimi and miso soup. 

I had the Salmon Teriyaki Lunch which I loved even if I’m not the biggest fan of teriyaki sauce. The flavour wasn’t as sweet as usual teriyaki sauces that I’ve tasted–that made me loved it! 

My set lunch had sushi and sashimi which made me loved my meal more. The fish they served were all fresh. 

We enjoyed our lunch and we plan to come back for dinner to we can try their various food varieties. 

Dessert at Chanoma Cafe
We didn’t have dessert right away as we were so full from lunch. We took a walked around the shopping area in the city and came back to Regent Place to have dessert at Chanoma Cafe.  The first time we dined here, we tried their Japadogs (Japanese Hotdogs) and liked it. Since they claim that Matcha Teas are their specialities we tried their Matcha Latte Frappuccinos. I had the regular one while the Husband had his with Oreos. I favoured the Oreo Matcha Frappuccino more as it was sweeter than the regular one.

We also tried their Matcha Noir which was a Danish pastry topped with whipped cream and Matcha ice cream. The maple syrup around it gave the danish a little more sweetness. 

The food we had that day left us full and satiated. It was one of those days where food played an important part in making our Fridate more worthwhile.

Yebisu Izakaya
Shop 7-10, Regent Place
501 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: 02 9266 0301

Chanoma Cafe
Ground Floor, Regent Place
501 George Street, Sydney
Phone: 02 9266 0667
Before I faced my extremely hectic October, I was able to squeeze in some well-deserved “me” time on the last week of September.

I left the office early one Friday afternoon and got out of my work area via a different route. Instead of taking the bus, I took the tram as I wanted to have a walk from Pyrmont to Darling Harbour.

I got off at The Star, Sydney’s premier casino, and had gelato at Messina. I had a scoop of their Salted Caramel (my favourite) and Coffee (because my “me” time almost always includes my beloved beverage). I was by my lonesome and yet these “me” times of mine are some of my happiest respite at the end of the day. It is more enjoyable when there’s some sort of yummy food. 

Another thing I enjoy about my “me” time is that it usually involves a lot of walking. This activity relaxes me. Walking makes me think, helps me clear my mind and soothes my soul.

As I go out of The Star, I chanced upon a big Pink Snail, an art installation which was part of Sydney’s Art and About for this year. It is the city’s collaborative arts festival where streets, laneways and buildings becomes a canvas for creation and storytelling.

A sunny afternoon awaited me as I walked out to Pyrmont Bay Park. From the wharf, one can see the Harbour Bridge peeking. I stayed there for awhile and looked at some pretty boats. 

From Pyrmont, I walked towards Darling Harbour, my favourite little harbour in Sydney. I can never get tired of this lovely scenery. 

Our city has a laidback culture that it is normal to see people just hanging out at the wharf. They sit down, talk, watch the sunset, have a cuppa. 

As I left Darling Harbour, I took one last look from the stairs leading out to the train station and captured the Sun that was about to set. Like a ring of fire, the sunlight gave out a burst of warm colours. A wonderful way to say goodbye to a lovely day.